Monday 23 April 2018


Good morning to you, everyone, and a Happy St George's Day. It's looking nice out there at the moment although the forecast is for showers. That will be good - no need to worry about watering the allotment.

Talking of which - I met Beth down there yesterday pm. She weeded around the rhubarb, I did a bit more digging and then we sat under the tree on the bench and had cold sparkling water while we chatted about stuff. It was lovely. 
The new raspberry canes all seem to have taken, ditto the strawberries apart from one very tiny one.  We will give it a chance to shoot anew and, if it doesn't, no problems as I have several others at home.  Last year's chard is still sending up loadsa growth and all four fruit trees are doing the blossom thing now.  They look a picture!  Beth said she will plant the potatoes next weekend. 

Then Beth went home with stacks of rhubarb. I went home with nicely aching muscles!

Goodness, I was tired. I forced myself to keep awake but finally gave up at around nine, went up and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke a couple of times for the loo but slept until half past five so it was a very good night's sleep.

Today, I plan to have a very gentle and easy morning with sessions of deep breathing.  It won't bring the BP down if the cause is physical but it might if it is stress related.  After lunch I'm off to meet the anaesthetist and have another blood test after which I will know what's happening. With a bit of luck and a following wind I will then need to see who (if anyone) can drop me off at the hospital tomorrow morning.  I've planned salmon and SW chips for dinner, either as a consolation or as a celebration, whichever it needs to be.

I am so grateful for all the comments and wise advice yesterday (and Saturday too). You are all so kind to take the time to help and it has made a great difference.
I took a quick look at the 'Yoga with Adriene' channel on youtube and saw that there was a clip for absolute beginners so I am pretty sure I will give it a go. What clinched it was that it has subtitles! For deffies like me, that is very important.
I'll also look up the Tai Chi. I've seen it before, I'm sure.  One thing - either yoga or that should improve my balance considerably!
I will also give the beetroot powder a whirl and see. There must be recipes I can use it in if I don't like it as a drink. Worth a go anyway.
The BP monitor should arrive in a few days and I can then check for results.  

Welcome to the new, more healthy me!  😇


  1. Sounds like a lovely day yesterday, but I can well imagine how tired you must have been come the evening.
    I think the deep breathing is a great idea. Everything you can do to keep as calm as possible - doctors here take this white coat syndrome very seriously as nerves (conscious or unconscious) really do play havoc with blood pressure.
    All the very best for today - am thinking of you!

  2. I think they do here too, S, but my readings were taken at home over a 12 hour period. No white coats in sight! :-)
    Thanks very much.
    J xxx

  3. Good luck with the BP ! I shall be having mine taken this morning at a hospital appointment. It was high last time, but I have had it done since with the nurse at the GP surgery and it was can quote that to consultant. I am on steroids for GCA, which has already " come back" once after a course so I get quite anxious at times.
    My last cat was called Tai Chi ....he was a beautiful semi longhaired tabby and did the decent thing and died all by himself at 18...saving me the ghastly decision about having him " put down" as all the others did before him!

  4. Sounds like you had a good day, but a tiring one, Joy. Yes, deep breathing will help relax you. Rest as much as you can today before your visit to hospital.
    Margaret P

  5. Hi, Frances. Good luck with your test too. GCA sounds extremely uncomfortable and I'm not surprised it creates anxiety which, of course, isn't going to help your BP one little bit.
    It must be so hard to make that decision but it's part of being a responsible owner and the act of a best friend.
    J x

    Thanks, Margaret. I have a very lazy morning planned. :-)

    J x

  6. Best of luck for tomorrow I'm sure the anaesthetist will be fine unless your BP is off the charts which I don't think is the case.

  7. So encouraging, thanks, Diane. My fingers are crossed and I really hope so. I'll post a quick update when I know.
    J x

  8. The very bestest of luck for tomorrow :-) So pleased you took time to look at the Yoga channel. I hope you get on with it. It really has made a difference for me and I've been doing it for about 6 months.

    Again, all the best for tomorrow!


  9. Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow. Is it keyhole surgery?

  10. I've been on meds for my blood pressure since I was 37 ( 16 years ago). Mine is always higher with an electronic cuff, and often has to be rechecked in the good old fashioned way. Breathing deeply and slowly whilst it's being taken helps to lower it. Hope things go well for you.

  11. Suzie, thanks very much. :-)

    Eileen - yes, it is. In and out in a day and family 'looking after me' for the next 24 hours.

    Scarlet - I wondered if that was the case. I am sure they will check it again this afternoon and I'm doing deep breathing every 30 minutes (and between when I remember), hoping it will help. Fingers crossed.

    J x