Friday 6 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Last day of the working week, not that this means all that much any more.  Fingers crossed for another fine day.

Yesterday was lovely.  It wasn't desperately warm but it was very pleasant in the sunshine and I got quite a lot done in the garden.  There's now just one area that needs a good clear out and some stuff shifting around to new places and then it's a case of keeping it all going while I get going with the seeds.

Tuition went well and I now feel I'm on holiday as I only have one session next week.  J and L came round for a cuppa later on in the afternoon and we had a lovely chat about this, that and the other.  All in all, a very satisfying and happy day.

As for today, I shall see how the weather pans out before deciding what to do.  I might drive out to Hyde Hall, I might go to the allotment, I might go to Blake House Craft Centre I might stay at home and relax in the garden.  I shall change and wash my sheets and enjoy watching them billowing dry on the line.
The time is my own, nothing in the diary and the sun will shine (yes, it will!).  Lovely!

And, to cap it all, three pounds off and I'm into the next stone down,

Hope you have a good day too.


  1. Have a great day Joy, whatever you decide to do. Forecast to be another lovely day here, so we'll be doing more in the garden too.

  2. It's often lovely to have nothing in the diary. Time to spend as you please. The improving weather and time spent outside are a bonus. X

  3. Going into the next stone down is such a boost, well done!
    Hazy sunshine here but quite breezy too so a compromise is in order, light jumper and windproof but non-padded coat!

    Enjoy today's outing! xx

  4. When I look at your posts, as of this morning, and it says "posted 3 hours ago" and I'm still in my dressing gown, I don't half feel guilty, Joy! But as the weather warms up - well, we hope it will warm up - I shall get up a bit earlier each day. I love to be up early morning in spring and summer. I managed to get some sheets and duvet covers dried on the line this week, or rather husband did. He hangs out the large stuff for me which being short, and also with arthritis, it's easier for him to fling them over the line than it is for me. But lovely to see them billowing in the breeze. One of the free luxuries is the fresh scent of line-dried laundry.
    We had sunshine early morning, but already the clouds are creeping in from the west ...
    Have a lovely day, Joy, and a lovely weekend, too.
    Margaret P

  5. What a lovely collection of comments. Thank you, ladies all.
    Sooze - hope the gardening is going well. After morning haze, the sun is out and it's lovely.
    Jules - thanks, yes it is a real blessing to have nothing to do, although it's amazing how there's always something, even then there's nothing! :-)
    Annabeth - it was a bit of a surprise. I hate how things seem to hover around these milestones for ages before finally stepping over, but now it feels great!
    Margaret - no guilt! Remember, I am tucked up in bed and, more often than not, fast asleep by nine thirty. There's nothing particularly virtuous in an early sleep-style, it just sounds impressive. :-) Hopefully your clouds are just morning haze and things will clear again as afternoon approaches. It has done the same here.

    J x

  6. Hope you had a lovely day whatever you decided to do!