Sunday 29 April 2018


Good morning.  Another dull, damp morning and the forecast for next week isn't any better.  It'd better brighten up before June, that's all I can say!

Yesterday was good.  I spent some time in the kitchen making some fruit cordial and sort of candying the citrus peel afterwards so as not to waste it.  I also made some lovely tomato and lentil soup using some tomatoes frozen last summer (must do that again - I peeled them and froze them whole and they've been very handy).  I also contacted my friend who is going to get me some more bread flour from our local mill (she gets it at cost price).

Then I ploughed on with the cross stitch while watching back to back River Cottage episodes.  I've nearly finished the most boring bit, the bowl, and have started the leaves and flowers.  No major errors requiring massive unpicking - yet (fingers crossed).  It's when I do that, that the project tends to be shelved!

Oh - and I ordered another of those swimming costumes from Cotton Traders.

Today looks like being more of the same except that Beth is coming over for lunch which will be lovely.  And I must contact my 'exam' families to organise tuition for after the bank holiday.  I've decided I will take two more weeks off and then resume, mainly because I feel very tired still and it seems the most sensible thing to do.  However, a few have exams coming up and I have made them a priority.

Given that I'm feeling OK and have no pain (I'm off the tablets too), I shall probably drive to Morrisons and do a bit of a shop, particularly for fresh veg as I'm getting through them a lot faster now!  It's nice not to have to weigh out the carrots any longer.  In the evening, I have ironing and at some point I want to sort out my bedding shelf as there's some old stuff I don't use any more and it could or should be handed on/recycled.

So a nice, quiet, restful day really.  I hope yours is good too.


  1. I'm so glad that you are feeling so well.
    This time last week you were anxious that your raised blood pressure might delay the operation!
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling so well.
    Take care though and don't be tempted to do too much.
    Have you been given a time scale telling you when you can expect to resume normal tasks?
    I've been looking through your food blog and came across a recipe for Strawberry,
    Rhubarb and Cranberry Jam which sounds delicious.
    Is it possible to point me towards the post where you gave the recipe?

  2. I like the idea of peeling and freezing tomatoes whole. That would be a very useful addition to the freezer stock.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, just don't overdo things!

  3. Where would we be without our freezers it is such a good way to save food that would otherwise be wasted and great for dealing with a glut. So much easier than bottling etc which I can remember my grandmother doing with the excess from the garden. Gald things are going well health wise and you will soon be able to do all you fancy.

  4. Sue: Well, the info they gave out said three to six weeks before going back to work although I don't have that pressure. There must be some reasoning in that timescale so three weeks is what I'm working to really. My follow up appt is in about six weeks' time.
    I'll dig out the jam recipe and post it tomorrow, if that's OK. It really is delicious.
    Eileen: another think I picked up from my Mum and it is useful.
    Diane: My mum used to salt down runner beans. She hated it, having to grate salt off a huge block, etc. it made her hands so sore and went on for so long. We always appreciated the veg in the winter months though. She also bottled fruit, etc.

    I'll go steady, everyone, thanks for your concern. I get the occasional twinge to remind me and I still have a dull ache inside but nothing to what it was before the op so I'm not complaining. :-)
    J x

  5. We had a huge glut of cherry tomatoes last year and I ended up freezing bags of them whole, I didn't bother with skinning or blanching them, just chucked them in as they were. They were absolutely great for making soups and tomato sauces through the winter, skins and all, the skins cook down really soft.

    The trouble with eating so much fresh veg (as we are too) is that you need to go to the shop to fetch more every few days. Can't wait for the summer when we have loads growing.

    It's good to hear you're feeling so well.

  6. I'm rather enjoying needing to buy more fresh! It feels great!
    J x