Monday, 2 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's throwing it down here and has been since I looked out at about midnight.  Nice for ducks, great for the water table, not so wonderful for families at home who had planned a bank holiday expedition somewhere. 

Also not great for someone who is itching to get back in the garden but maybe it will brighten up a wee bit later on, you never know.

I'm sure there were plenty of April Fool things around yesterday, it seems to be the thing to do nowadays, but I loved the one from Jamie Oliver.  I love it when 'famous people' can take the mickey out of themselves.  I can't see how to post a link here and it's no longer on his site (because it's no longer April 1st) but if you are my 'friend' on Facebook, you can catch it on my timeline or the link just below seems to work if you are on Facebook.
Made me laugh a lot.

I've been away over the weekend, at Mum and Dad's, and it was really nice.  I go quite often now.  A while ago, Dad bought me my electric blanket - I mentioned it here at the time - and I've been singing its praises ever since.  When I arrived there, there was one, still in its packaging, sitting on my bed.  Poor old Dad, thought I, he's forgotten he's already bought me one.  I should've known better.  He's bought another one for my bed there as well as one at home.  Wasn't that just lovely!

Today is the start of a new week but not quite a new month; that was yesterday and I totally forgot the pinch and punch thing.  Too late now!

Today I have several plans which may or may not happen.  I've checked opening hours and hope to be able to get to Aldi at eight, Matalan at nine and then pick Beth up for a trip to the allotment at ten!
I am right out of washing capsules and use Aldi's ones so need to stock up again.  I'll probably get a few other bits and bobs at the same time, washing up liquid, for example.

My light summer coat/jacket thingy is no longer a thing I can wear.  It's falling off me and looks terrible.  I don't want to spend a lot on a 'good' one yet so did a bit of internet trawling and saw that Matalan seems to have a good selection at reasonable prices.  I've bought Matalan coats before and they've been fine so that's the plan.  I looked in the Tu sale but there was nothing I liked so, Matalan, here I come.

Then the allotment.  No, we're not working there, not today, but we need a plan so I can get started on weekdays.  Beth and I used to meet there, if you remember, about twice a week, over last summer but that is not possible now she works, so I will have to do it on my own.  I'm really sad about that as we had some great times but there you go, life moves on.  We will probably take photos and then sit in the car and develop a plan of action together.  I'll then get going as soon as the weather picks up and then we can plant and sew.

Once home and after thawing out, I have some soup to make, some clothes to iron and some telly to watch.  I will knit and sew and stay nice and warm.  Not exciting bank holiday stuff but then life is rather like one long bank holiday nowadays! 

Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned.


  1. Oh I did laugh at the Jamie Oliver sketch! Hope all your plans for today come to fruition. We might pop to the garden centre in a bit if the weather looks was originally forecast to be chucking it down all day, but now it's just supposed to be the occasional shower.

  2. It's going OK so far, thanks. I'm back from the morning outings and the sun has come out a few times. It's cool but not dreadfully cold. All in all, like you, better than expected.
    J x

  3. Hi Joy,
    I am sorry I did not reply to your comment before now but my husband and I went out of town for my spring break. Yes, I do a bit of crafting. I crochet and I sew a bit. Household things like pillows, blankets, table runners etc. I have never tackled clothing patterns. I don't knit but i would love to learn. Perhaps once I retire I will try it. Back to school tomorrow for me. Soup sounds wonderful as it is still quite cold here.

  4. Sewing is great fun and it's lovely to have a garment at the end. I didn't sew much when I was teaching full time but since retirement I have done a lot more. I have summer skirts to make but I don't need them yet so will leave it for a bit because of the losing weight.
    You will love knitting once you start, I am sure.
    J x

  5. Nice for you to go away for Easter, you've had a busy time. The weather here has been awful, cold and wet ... can't wait for spring to really begin. Who would've thought we'd still be needing an electric blanket in spring! We have an electric mattress cover (i.e. a large electric blanket) and it's lovely to get into a warm bed, isn't it! We only have it on a low setting, to take the chill off otherwise we're too warm, but we just love it, wouldn't be without it now.
    Margaret P

  6. I have mine on high for five minutes before I get in and then on the lowest setting for an hour by which time I am fast asleep. I'll have to stop using it soon as it will be too warm but right now it is lovely! I know exactly what you mean.
    J x