Saturday, 28 April 2018


Morning, everyone.  Dull and dismal, raining, blah, blah.  I always feel so sorry for kids (and their parents) when the weekends are wet.  It's not warm either and yesterday I turned the heating on for a while.  I want my spring back again!!  Don't we all?

Never mind, I made use of the time inside to sleep (several times, lazy me), watch daytime telly, bake crumpets, make some orange and lemon cordial and get on with my cross stitch.

I've finished the house one and here's a scan of it.  It needs pinning out and pressing properly first and I still haven't decided how to mount it (or even IF to mount it).  I enjoyed doing it and am pleased with the results.

I've started another one, chosen from my box of kits.  Here's a scan of the picture that came with it.  It's more challenging than the house, especially at first, but it's going OK.

(apologies for the colour - it's brighter than that really)

I'm continuing to feel extremely well.  So well that next week I am going to pop down to the gym and take out a membership.   I think I've already mentioned this (more than once!!!) but I am taking out a year's membership, about half of which will be while I finish losing this weight and then. after that, toning up.  After a year I will think again.  It'll be mostly swimming and they have a lovely pool there.
I'll see if I can pay for the whole year at once, the reasoning being if I've paid, I will go and also I have saved the money so I may as well.

With that in mind, last week I ordered a new cossie which arrived yesterday.  I already have several but I wouldn't dare wear them - they keep falling off!  This one is a reinforced, armour plated one a size smaller and - it fits!  It actually fits.  Snugly, admittedly - but then that's what swimming costumes do, don't they?  It gives me a proper shape and I'm really pleased with it so I think I'll get another one the same.

I'm still feeling quite tired at times so I'm going to have another easy day - an easy weekend, in fact - and just do friendly, familiar, homey things as and when I feel like it.  To celebrate the end of the veggie restriction, I am going to make a tomato and lentil soup - it goes with the weather, after all!

Have a good weekend and stay warm and dry!


  1. You're not being lazy, you're recuperating after an op! So if you need to sleep, then do it - the body always tells us what it wants, we just need to get better at listening to it.

    Swimming will be a lovely gentle way to get fitter.

    Have a nice easy day.

  2. Well done for committing to a year's membership. How often do you plan/need to go to get the full value for your money?

    I love your completed house cross stitch. My problem is I lose interest in them once I've completed the stitching and I never want to frame them and display them on the wall.

  3. Good for you Joy, if you are dozing off it is because you need it so don't worry about being lazy. Tomato and lentil soup sounds just right for this type of weather.

  4. True - OK, nor lazy exactly and I am so very grateful that there's no pressure to get fully 100% quickly - no job to go back to.

    For me, the pleasure is in the making too. I have stacks that I will never do anything else with and my descendants will have to sort it out after I'm gone! :-)

    Eileen, I used to go several times a week, early morning usually. It worked well and really set me up for the day.

    Diane, I've just remembered that I have some frozen whole tomatoes from last year so they will do very nicely for the soup with some sundried tomatoes to richen them up a bit. It's ages since I made soup too so looking forward to it!
    J x

  5. You are doing so well with recovering and dieting.
    Love the house stitching.

  6. Thanks, Sue. I get a lot of pleasure from the cross stitch and it's a pick up/put down thing, like knitting. One can just do a bit and then stop.
    J x

  7. I love the cross stitch! Beautiful job. I can not swim. I sure wish I had learned but as a result of not knowing I have a terrible fear of water. I am happy you are feeling so well so quickly!

  8. I think we were really fortunate - despite living in a village, Mum used to take us into town once a week in the summer months to have an hour or so at the swimming pool. None of us actually 'learnt' how to float in the water, it just came naturally. We weren't well off and money was very tight, but this was considered a priority. As a result, I wasn't put off by school swimming lessons, despite hating inadequate drying times and having to go round school feeling slightly damp and messy for the rest of the day, which really put a lot of my peers off.
    J x