Wednesday 25 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it a dull day yesterday - dull and damp by the end of the day.  Good for the allotment, mind you.  Today is supposed to be similar, dull and breezy with light rain showers.  Just as well I'm not planning to go anywhere!

Well, I didn't need to have worried.  Yes, the BP was raised, even more than last week because - you know - hospital and all that.  But it didn't matter.

I arrived at 7:15 (thank you, Beth, for dropping me off) and was quickly taken to my room, a neat double room with an ensuite and a wall mounted telly, not that I took advantage of the latter.  By 10:45 I had been 'processed' , met surgeon and anaesthetist, signed forms and was taken down to the anaesthetic room (sign on the door saying 'Welcome to our operating theatre' - cute) and was feeling woozy from the first bit of anaesthetic.  A bit like alcohol but without the hangover!
No idea how long it took as I was very sleepy but by 4:00 I was awake, had enjoyed some hot toast and black coffee, been to the loo and was getting dressed.  Very slick without the least sense of rush.  Everyone was lovely, friendly and reassuring.

It had to happen.  As I was coming to in the recovery room, the nurse caring for me looked at my notes and said 'You're Mrs Clark from N... S... school, aren't you?'. 
'Ye-e-es,' said I, slightly warily.
'You taught him in Y1,' came the reply.  'Z O [child's name].'  Fortunately, I remembered him and, after a little chat, she said, almost as an after thought, 'You were his absolutely favourite teacher there.'
Wasn't that nice.
(Last time I was in hospital, I met another mum working on the ward I was on too.)

Mr Charalampopolous (I can say it at last) came to see me afterwards and said it had been 'very, very inflamed' so I guess I have got off lightly with pain over the last months, thanks to sticking fairly religiously to the given diet.
By six I was home and feel no more than uncomfortable.  The sense of relief is huge.

So now I more on again.  I get used to wearing some oh, so stylish compression socks (I think that's what they are called, anyway) for six days - nice! I work out a less rigid food regime, I put blood pressure lowering strategies in place and I move on!  It' so lovely to look ahead again!

I just want to say many grateful thinks to everyone who has been so understanding of my ups and downs over the last week.  I worried more than I ought to have done which is something I need to work on.
You have been wonderful.


  1. It's good to read all went well. You must be so relieved to have it over with.
    Make sure you get plenty of rest and very best wishes for a speedy recovery now. X

  2. Glad it went so well, Joy. Very inflamed....good it's out and you'll start feeling so much better now. It'll be good for you to not suffer trepidation about eating something.

    Have a good rest for a few days, won't you?

  3. Thanks, Jules and Sooze. I am relieved, yes, and I'm being looked after for a few days (bossed abou) so I'll be fine.
    Yes, it will be great not to have to worry about things causing pain any more, although I will go carefully.
    J x

  4. That is amazing, Joy! You've had your gall bladder removed and are home again. I was so ill afterwards as well as before, I'm delighted you are so well. No drains? No cannulas? I can't imagine having day surgery for it like you have had ... I was in for two or three days afterwards, but there again, it wasn't planned surgery as you have had, it was an emergency. But oh, I'm so delighted all went so well, and you are even able to do a blog post the next day! Just don't do too much. Remember that while there isn't anything to show on the outside, except some small incision marks, you have had surgery and need to rest a bit, allowing your body to recover.
    All good wishes,
    Margaret P

  5. So glad to hear that it went well and that you're back home recuperating with the promise of a less rigid diet ahead of you. xx

  6. So glad it all went smoothly but do remember your body doesn't know that you weren't stabbed in an alley so you may have a couple of rough days. Take it easy and potter no digging on the allotment!!!!

  7. So pleased to see I got two of my requests from yesterday, it happened, and it went well. I hope I get my third and you have a most rapid and easy recovery!


  8. So glad it went ahead and went smoothly! Fingers crossed for a quick recovery Joy, take it easy and look after yourself! And enjoy the more relaxed regime, you've earned some treats!
    (Very gentle and careful) hugs xxx

  9. Oh, I'm so pleased that everything went well, Joy. I think you deserve to treate yourself to something lovely like a holiday or some new clothes.
    Take it easy and big hug,
    Heloise xx

  10. Lovely comments again, thanks.
    Margaret: I think that was the difference. Mine was planned and elective, not an emergency.You're right about the taking it easy - I'm far from my usual fairly active self and keep going to sleep!
    Eileen: thanks. It will make a difference but I have to remember that because I can eat it, it doesn't mean I have to!
    Diane: What a thought but good point, thanks. The allotment will have to wait.
    Suzie: They were good wishes, weren't they? :-)
    Chrissie: I think I will get bored reasonably quickly but just now mR&R feels great.
    Heloise: That's exactly what I am doing. I'm expecting a couple of deliveries and I have a holiday booked at Center Parcs in June. Lovely!

  11. I feel your relief! The anticipation of an operation can be worse than the event itself. So glad you can put it behind you and move on feeling much healthier. I'm sure it will do wonders for your blood pressure too.

  12. I think it will too. I'm still waiting for my monitor to be delivered but when it comes it will be easier to see how it's all going.
    J x