Friday 20 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Another lovely day expected today - very cheering!

I've been ba-a-ad and booked a holiday.  Not till June so a couple of months down the line but the weather should be nice then.  It's at the Elveden Center Parcs and it's a posh self catering thingy (eating out there is not cheap) with nice views.  AND it gets cleaned every day - how's that for spoiling myself.

I've always loved Center Parcs.  When we (me and the children) had not long moved out of the 'marital home', I got a month's supply and decided a holiday would be a nice idea.  I went down to the tracel agents in town and the girl showed me details of this 'new' kind of holiday that the weather couldn't spoil - the first ever Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest, opened just that year.
We had a wonderful week and when we left both Beth and Dave cried because they didn't want to leave so as soon as I got home I booked another week for the following year.

I'm looking forward to it already.

Yesterday was a day full of half hourly blood pressure checks.  I'm really not sure how good it will be - I peeped at the machine once and it was high!  It was very discouraging as I've taken the meds faithfully AND lost oodles of weight too.  You'd think that would send it down.  I get the official news this morning when I take the machinery back to the surgery.
And to add to my feeling of unease, I've gained 1lb this week.  It was bound to happen at some point but I'm not happy, all the same!  It might be down again soon - I hope so anyway.  Whatever, it is still Carry On Regardless!

I did my last tuition for a week or so and all went well.  Apart from that, it was a day in, windows open, doing this, that and the other.

Today, after the surgery visit, it is back home to do some clearing up and then off to the allotment for a couple of hours and a few rows of ground clearance before the heat builds.  Then it's more pottering at home.  Nice.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the warm weather.


  1. Aw Joy, sorry about the pound on but, as we know, these things happen sometimes. You know you're not having sneaky midnight feasts (or are you?!) and you've done so well, I'm sure it will all right itself in the end. The BP may not be as bad as you think, fingers crossed!

    Oooh, we love CP too! We've been to the Elveden, Sherwood and Longleat ones a few times...not for a few years now though as they are expensive, as you say. It's not bad, everyone deserves a holiday, and after your op you'll have it to look forward to. Have a nice day.

  2. Good for you Joy nice to have something to look forward to. Hope the BP monitoring proves OK.

  3. Hope the blood pressure is okay. Last time I had to wear a machine for 24 hours it was unable to record my BP (don't know why) so I am, according to the BP nurse, officially a zombie!

  4. It wasn't so now everything is a bit up in the air. Really discouraging today.
    J x

  5. Found your blog very recently via one that we both comment on. Not been far enough on your posts to find out what your op is going to be but I hope it does what it needs to do. Sending love xx sue

  6. Hi, Sue, and welcome. Do you have a blog too?
    J x

  7. It's not easy losing weight. You've done great so far so try not to be discouraged.

    Planning a holiday is always fun. Mum and I have a couple planned for when I come over and visit. We're taking a couple of coach holidays. I always look forward to them.