Saturday 14 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to another weekend.  It's supposed to be much nicer today, thank goodness.  Indeed, the sun broke through for half an hour yesterday teatime which was extremely cheering so more today is a happy thought.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday turned out to be quite a busy day!  I arrived at Broomfield Hospital bang on seven and there were already people waiting in the blood test area!  Never mind, I had my Kindle with me so I read until it was my turn and a very pleasant gentleman did the necessary while we chatted about allotments and growing potatoes.  He really cheered me up with his friendly conversation, bless him; I hope he had a good day!

On the way home I did intend to stop off at Springfield Hospital to hand over the pre-registration form I had filled in but I forgot, so after tuition (fun) I set out again and got it delivered.

Coffee with C was great with lots of chat and catching up.  We were colleagues at school for a long while and she only lives over the cul de sac so why we haven't done this a long time before is beyond me but never mind, we have now.

The beginning of the afternoon was quiet but then another hospital thing arrived, necessitating a phone call to the pre-reg nurse by the end of which two more appointments had been made, one for a blood test (yes, another one) and an ECG and the other for yet another blood test and to 'meet the anaesthetist'.  What with allotment and resuming tuition next week, plus the 12 hour blood pressure monitoring already arranged, next week is going to be pretty busy, isn't it?

I am very thankful that I have a lovely family which has rallied round and made sure I have someone with me for the 24 hours after coming home.  Now all I have to organise is someone to take me to hospital on the morning of the op and, failing all else, I can always order a taxi, can't I?


On to today and I am meeting Beth at the allotment for a morning of muddy digging and weeding but, I sincerely hope, not as muddy as last Monday.  I have some washing, drying and ironing to do and I'm starting to think about making sure I have some home made ready-meals in the freezer for post op to make my life easier.

I'm on the last lap of the cross stitch project so I need to dig out another one from my box soon.  And I really MUST get on with my patchwork duvet cover and I have knitting too.  No excuses for idleness!

Have a lovely day and may the sun shine on us all today.


  1. Wow, a lot of blood needed...will you have any left?! Haha

    It's thick mist (fog?) here this morning, I'm hoping it will disperse as we really want to get things done in the garden today.

    Have a lovely weekend Joy.

  2. I was wondering!! ;-)
    It's clearing here and brightening up considerably. I think it will be nice! I bet the ground will still be pretty muddy though!
    J x

  3. We're not due any sun until much later today. It's very misty here at the moment and I can only just make out the houses in the distance. It feels more like an autumn morning rather that the start of a spring day.

    Good luck with all the medical stuff. I think that preparing some ready meals for the first week of your recovery is a great idea and, when the time comes, you'll be thankful you made the effort.

  4. I think I will, Eileen. It will stop me from just going for expensive and not all that nice ready meals just for the convenience, I think.
    It's quite bright here - not sunny yet but no mist or dampness. :-)
    J x

  5. There always seem to be a lot of pre-operative tests, but they are all necessary, I'm sure. Mind you, with my emergency, I didn't get an opportunity to meet any of the theatre staff! A good thing you will have someone with you for at least the first 24 hours. You will be fine, I'm sure, but weak after a general anaesthetic. It took me a full six weeks before I could walk any distance, but I was rather ill before my surgery, you sound really quite robust so should recover so much more quickly.
    Speaking of which, have you noticed on TV these days people say "quick" rather than "fast" . A race is run and it was "rather quick". Someone was "very quick". The word "fast" fast is fast disappearing! Similarly, they say "two times" a lot, rather than "twice." I know ... I'm just being pedantic!
    Margaret P

  6. I guess it is the way language changed and develops, isn't it. It's a living thing. I often wonder how much I would actually understand of what people said at the time of, say, the Wars of the Roses. I bet not very much.

    I'm sure I will be fine but the hospital expects it and it seems like common sense after a general anaesthetic. The last time I had one, I was fine afterwards, just a little bit giddy but that lasted for quite a long time. I shall have to be sensible about driving, won't I?

    J x

  7. Lots of appointments and blood work. Mum went to have hers done. She ended up going to the drs office across the road and making an appointment. Better than having to try to get up the hospital the other end of town - especially when she's only a few steps from the doctor's office. Hope all goes well!

  8. Thanks, Sharon, me too of course. :-)
    Your mum was very sensible to go to the nearest place. A lot less waiting around, I expect!
    J x