Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's dry outside and definitely milder: although there's a bit of a chill in the air, it's nowhere near frosty.  Looking at the forecast, it's expected to be dry this morning but drizzly this afternoon.  That's OK.

It was yet another good day yesterday although I didn't get half as much done as I'd planned.  I was a bit uncomfortable so rested for a while.  It helped so was time well spent.  I did get all the ironing done and put it all away, which was good, and I sorted a few books too.

Last night, Beth and I had a quick plan of the allotment for this year.  We're meeting there on Saturday and hope to do a fair bit of clearing, weeding and digging over.  This is what we hope to grow (or start growing), even if we won't harvest this year.

(skip over the next bit if you like, I won't be offended!)

cherry plums (on the tree at the back which is already starting to blossom)
rhubarb (already producing!

runner beans
mange tout
yellow courgettes
spring onions
potatoes (Charlotte and Maris Piper)
baby corn

We won't get any asparagus this year - the plants are just on their way from the plant company, I forget which one, as we ordered them last October - and maybe not much in the raspberry and strawberry line as they are also new plants.  The rest should go well providing we get no late frosts - it wrecked our plums last year.

At home I hope to have
loadsa tomatoes
runner beans (we love runner beans)
tayberries (fingers crossed)
blueberries (eyes and legs crossed)
potatoes grown in bags
various herbs

Not nearly so much but that's the point of having an allotment, isn't it?  Should be good!

Today I have nothing in the diary.  No tuition, nothing.  It really depends on how the weather pans out and whether I feel OK but, all being well, I want to get out in the garden and tidy up a few more corners.  I'd also like to move some planters about if I'm feeling strong!  I have a bit of planning for tomorrow too plus my daily River Cottage dose.  They seem to have started some Eat Well for Less repeats on the same channel - I do enjoy that as well.  Daytime telly might be rubbish but there's some very entertaining rubbish at times.

I'm just wondering about a trip out to my beloved Hyde Hall on Friday, weather permitting.  I could do with a stroll in the fresh air to clear my brain and I'd like to catch the bulbs and early Spring action.  Things will have changed since the last time I was there and I could take a packed lunch and buy an extravagant black coffee to enjoy with it.  I have a few engagements on Saturday but Friday is relatively clear.

Well, better get on, I suppose.  An early start would be good, instead of lounging about in bed things for ages.  If I get all the things I have to do done this morning, I can chill out this afternoon and maybe even get out the sewing machine and do a bit of whatever!

Have a good day!

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