Wednesday 11 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's dry outside - three cheers - and it was a warmer night too.  No electric blanket needed! 

Thank you for your comments yesterday.  You know, I am not the least bit dismayed about the timing of the op.  In a weird way, it's a sort of gift because things are becoming increasingly uncomfortable at times  and I just want to get it over and done with so I can move on.  It will be nice to eat out occasionally and to have a bit more flexibility in my meals again - I really miss beans on toast for lunch and egg on toast for breakfast!

Yesterday the sun came out.  Yes, it did, and how lovely it was to see it again.  I wouldn't call it blazing sunshine but nevertheless, it was cheerful.

I got to the allotment in the morning after tuition (during which time my brain ached - 11+ maths is loads harder than when I did it in the early 60s and also when my two did it in the late 80s - makes me wonder why people say standards are falling because they certainly aren't!) but the ground was absolutely waterlogged.  I did a bit - all the woody remains of last year's baby corn plants, which are very thick, solid and not really suitable for our compost bins, are now in my brown bin at home for collection on Thursday.  I started digging over the fruit area but it was so-o-o-o-o waterlogged and heavy, I gave up after doing a quarter of it.  It wasn't just the heaviness of the soil itself, it was the fact that I was carrying around a ton of mud on each shoe too.  Nevertheless, the ground is in so much better condition than last year, it will be easy to turn over once it has dried out a bit and the weed roots are coming out very easily and completely.  At least I got a bit done which is better than nothing..

Once that bed has been dug over, we can plant the raspberry canes and the baby strawberries (with ground cover membrane to keep the weeds down) and then we can tackle the potato area as they will need to go in soon.  The seed potatoes, on trays in the dining area, are starting to sprout nicely now. 

Back home again, I did a mega de-mudding of everything and then settled down for a bit of a rest as my back was sore.  Later on, Sharon came and now I look respectable again.

Today is more or less clear but the weather forecast has changed to rain this morning which is really frustrating.  I'm not going down to the allotment in the rain, it was bad enough yesterday with all the mud but I might spend some time in the back garden (if the rain stops) as it's paved over so not so muddy.  There's still plenty of bits that need sorting and tidying.

I also have a bit of planning.  Another of my 'parents' has asked about a session this week which is fine.    I do enjoy these sessions and will miss them straight after the operation when I will have one week off completely and the second week I will just have the exam/SATs students as time is getting short.
There's also the ubiquitous ironing.  When I was working it used to pile up until the basket was full and running over before I got stuck in.  It's nice to be able to deal with it as it arises nowadays and it is no hassle done in front of the telly.

Beth is coming to dinner tonight so I shall make some bean burgers and serve them with home made chips and a simple salad.  Very tasty!

A nice, homey, contented day today - it should be lovely.

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