Friday 13 April 2018


Morning, everyone!  It's dry right now although it has been raining yet again earlier and it might clear a bit later on.  The forecast is for warmer, brighter weather and it's cheered me up no end.

Yesterday was good.  Tuition went well, the house and inside windows are not sparkly clean, the financial meeting in the evening was very helpful and informative and I'm getting on with my cross stitch quite quickly.

Today it is one more tuition session before the weekend but before that I have to go for a blood test at Broomfield hospital.  I intend to get there before the dept. opens at seven so minimal waiting and, of course, no parking problems either.

Later on, a friend is coming round for a chat over coffee.  She lives just the other side of the cul de sac from me but we've not had a good chat for ages now so I'm looking forward to it very much indeed.

The afternoon is mine and I will probably check out the allotment to see if it's fit for a little digging.  I do hope so as I won't be able to do much for some days after the op.  After that it should be fair sailing for several times each week.

It's going to be a nice day, I think.


  1. Well, this reasonably-early bird almost caught the worm this morning ... I was up an hour ago when you wrote today's post, Joy, but I was reading comments on my own blog and making coffee, too.
    Best of luck for the blood test, the day draws ever closer when the offending gall bladder will be removed and you will eventually feel much better.
    How nice to have a friend around for coffee and a chat. This is always fun, I think. Not a grand occasion but just sharing day to day doings with friends. I hope the weather stays fine and you will be able to minister to your allotment. Husband was in our garden yesterday, continuing the post-winter tidy-up. It was, however, too cold for me, but I opened the summerhouse and we had mugs of Bovril in there, out of the chill wind. We have some plants to go in ... four lupins we bought a few weeks ago in B&Q (excellent plants) and a hellebore. And a new arch to erect and then the fun of choosing a climbing rose to plant close to it.
    Margaret P

  2. Blood test done!
    I used to do a lot of 'coffee socialising' when the children were young but then I went back to work and it was staff room socialising instead.
    I want to get a few hellebores, I think they are lovely. I know it sounds daft but I like to get plants from 'special places' that I have visited, like Hyde Hall, etc. They are more expensive but when I see them each year, I remember the good time. I never need loads anyway, with such a small garden.
    I love the sound of your projects!

    J x

  3. I do a lot of 'coffee socialising' as well but usually I am the visitor or we meet in a cafe. One of my plans for when the house is finished is to host some of those here ... and afternoon teas as well!

    I like you idea of buying plants from special places.

  4. My dad always mutters about the cost of plants from country houses, etc, but I don't mind all that much when it's a one off. It helps towards the upkeep too.
    You will love showing off your lovely home, won't you?
    J x