Tuesday 17 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday was nice - I mean really nice.  Mild, some sun, a gentle breeze, just what the doctor ordered, in fact.  Today?  More of the same, maybe up to 20C, according to BBC weather.  Fantastic!

I got to the allotment, I did my share of digging (getting there slowly), I planted out the rest of the strawberries and gave the grass a lower cut.  It was still a bit too wet but never mind, I got it done anyway.

In school, pm, my back was aching quite badly and I wasn't sure if it was muscles or gallstones but came to the conclusion that it was the former as it was a different sort of ache really.  A few tablets sorted it out and I've had another good night's sleep.

Today is - guess what - more digging. 

Must remember to take a photo of how the digging is getting on.  I'm continuing to check through the forked soil by hand.  I got out a lot of ground elder roots yesterday so it is well worth the effort.  The Weed War has resumed!
I also want to pull some rhubarb for a friend and some for the weekend as I am making a crumble for someone.
I think there's also going to be some watering, especially with the forecast of such warm weather.

That's this morning.  This afternoon I have an appointment for a blood test and ECG and I may or may not get tuition done.  It depends how long I am really.

Beth's round this evening so I'm doing our old favourite, beans on toast, and Beth can have cheese on hers.  We love beans on toast and I always add a squidge of ketchup and a squidge of brown sauce to the beans.  Delicious!


  1. ..this all sounds lovely - so glad the weather is co-operating.
    Rhubarb crumble! Deeeelicious! One of my all-time favourites!
    Good old beans on toast - ketchup and a squidge of brown sauce is a great idea! Will try that next time.
    Good luck with the digging - lovely to be able to work outside, isn't it...
    Take great care! S. xxx

  2. I have to say, it is lovely to see the sun again and to feel its warmth. Really lovely!
    J x

  3. I will second that sun at last!!!!

  4. The sun would be lovely if it wasn't for the blasted near gale force winds we've had the past couple of days, grrrr! Glad you got so much done at the allotment.

  5. It's a bit blowy here right now but not too bad, thankfully. Is it easing off for you?
    J x

  6. Not yet Joy, no. It's supposed to be less windy tomorrow....we'll see!

  7. Wednesday morning:
    Ta-da! I'm up before you, Joy! Well, not showered and dressed, but awake, at least! I hope you slept well and that your gallstones aren't giving you gyp. I continued with the cleaning of the bookshelves yesterday and now I have to deal with the pile of discarded books and magazines in the hall before anyone falls over them!
    Margaret P, 5.31am!

  8. lol. Yes, you are!! Definitely!
    Are the books going to a charity shop?
    J x