Sunday 8 April 2018


Good morning, everyone! 
It's a wet old start to the day, sadly, which puts the clappers on my plans to get back to the allotment and mow the grass.  It doesn't feel cold though which is good.

Yesterday, Beth and I spent a fair old time down the allotment.  We cleared some soil, tidied up some Autumn mess that we were not able to do then what with me and my health and Beth starting work, pruned some stuff back, pulled some rhubarb and some chard, dug the new asparagus bed, planted some tiny little asparagus plantlets that arrived a few days ago and generally rather enjoyed ourselves.  The sun shone, there was some proper warmth in the air and it was lovely.

The asparagus is a long term project. 
Decades ago, when I was still married, we moved from South London out to Essex to a lovely house with a decent sized garden and an asparagus bed.  A mature, productive thing it was and I enjoyed the produce very much for the two years I lived there before it all went wrong and I moved here.
It was so sad to hear later that ex and new had built an extension over the asparagus. 

Anyway, as I started saying, it's a long term project.  Assuming they survive, we can pick some of the fern for flower arrangements by the end of the summer and into next year but we won't be able to cut the actual asparagus heads until the third year.  Gardening is such an act of faith, isn't it.  An investment in the future.

Weather permitting, I will go back later today as there's some rubbish that cannot be left there so needs to be dumped in my brown bin.  I had intended to mow the grass, seeing as it was warm yesterday and I reckoned that it would be dry enough today   I suppose I could take the strimmer though. 

All our work last year meant that it's all loads easier this year and the soil is generally soft and crumbly, thanks to the very cold weather we had, I expect.  I may do a bit of the muddy stuff as well.
But none of this will happen if it doesn't stop raining.

When I got home, I sat down, had lunch and then fell fast asleep!  All that fresh air!  I slept really well overnight too.

Apart from the allotment, today I wanted to do a bit more in my own garden but never mind, I can still sow the tomato seeds, something that I really ought to get on with.

All this has to be fitted around various scheduled commitments I have today so, if I get it all done, I shall be a very busy lady!  Makes up for the last few days anyway!

Hoping it is a great day for us all.


  1. You are busy Joy. I hope you reap the rewards of all your hard work.
    It's funny how fresh air knocks you out like that. I could have quite easily fallen asleep after my walk the other day. X

  2. I'm the same if I've spent time at the seaside. Totally zonked, but isn't it a lovely sort of tiredness? Not exhausted, just pleasantly tired.
    J x

  3. Isn't Sunday the day of rest?! We talk a lot in school about delayed gratification - three years is an admiral bit of delayed gratification in today's instant society! I buy it for the HG - I can't stand it's odd taste and the way it makes my wee smell - but as with all things home grown, I bet freshly picked from the barren - it's a different kettle of fish! Have a great day busy lady - I'll be doing nothing much beyond making tea as it's back to school tomorrow.

  4. I am resting - no planning to do! ;-)
    I don't like the shop asparagus but you're right, home grown, picked and cooked straight away is a totally different kettle of fish.
    Back to school is bad news. We still have a week here.
    J x

  5. I absolutely love asparagus. Don't think I could bear to wait 3 years though for it to grow enough to pick! Enjoy your day.

  6. It's a long time but think of the outcome And the saving! :-)
    J x