Friday 27 April 2018


Good morning, everyone.
Although I think it is fairly dry right now, there's rain forecast all day and tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be shockingly awful which is a shame as it will stop an allotment trip (me watching Beth put the potatoes in).  There's even a weather warning out for those two days so I guess it means staying in and chilling.

It feels extremely odd to have to keep reminding myself to chill, stay sitting down, rest.  It just doesn't feel right but it's very nice, all the same.  I've nearly finished my 'house' cross stitch and have dug out another nice one, a bowl of flowers.  I'll try and remember to scan the picture so you can see it. 

Yesterday (and this morning), I was and am feeling amazingly fit and well.  Most of the aches have disappeared and yesterday pm I walked along to school (with a friend/ex-colleague, not by myself) to attend a safeguarding update that I have to do soon, giving everyone a surprise at the same time.  It's not far and I wasn't alone and, oh, it was lovely to be out in the sunshine and fresh breeze for a while.  When I got back, after dashing out to get the washing in and out of the rain, I rested and felt splendid.  It must have been a very good anaesthetic because I'm having none of the dizziness, etc, that I had last time.
I shall be careful though, I promise, and listen to my body.  If I need to rest, I can and will rest.

I stepped up to the plate - or, rather, the glass - and started the beetroot juice.  It's a fairly individual flavour, isn't it, and I'm not sure whether I liked it or not.  I bet a shot of something would improve it - no, not vodka (shame), but maybe tomato juice and a shot of Lea and Perrins or similar.  I must try some mixes and see.

In the afternoon my bp monitor thingy arrived so I checked it out.  Dead easy to use and while maybe it is not totally accurate to compare results from different machines, it looks as if things have settled a bit now.  Still too high but nothing like earlier in the week or last week.  Reassuring, if nothing else.

No weighing myself this week.  I'm leaving it for a few weeks to let everything get back to normal again.  I still feel like a little tublet, still bloated from the 'inflation' and things are - er - releasing themselves only slowly.  Very little discomfort yet though  maybe I have that to come.  :-)

This morning someone is coming round about some repairs and then the cleaners come and work their weekly magic which takes off any pressure to go any housework over the weekend, apart from washing/ironing.  Goodness, how spoilt I am!!!  I still haven't got those seeds planted so that's fairly high on the informal agenda or harvests will be late this year.

I'm going to take the regular tablets for just one more day and then tomorrow see how it all goes without them.  I don't think they're needed today really but I'm being sensible and doing what I am told for once!


  1. You're doing very well if you're feeling so good just days after an op, Joy. Don't take it for granted though, will you, don't run before you can walk! (I sound like your mother don't I?!). You do sound like you're taking things easy and doing what you should.

    We've got totally yucky weather here today, been raining since last night and forecast to continue for most of the day. On the plus side, the garden is looking lush and green.

  2. It's horrible here as well, pouring down and cold with it. I've put the heating back on for an hour to take the chill off the house.

    I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well and hope it continues. I'm not sure that I like the sound of beetroot juice, I imagine it has a strong, very earthy flavour which I don't think I'd like.

    Re: the blood pressure monitoring at home, please keep in mind that if you check it too often and/or if you allow yourself to think about it too much, you may falsely keep the readings too high. This happened to someone I once worked with.

  3. Well done you it is not easy to rest if you are an active person but it is the sensible thing to do. So perhaps the bad weather is here to help you!!!!

  4. I'm definitely taking it easy day today. Things have started 'unblocking' anyway (phew) so I would need to stay in.
    I really did want to get to the safeguarding training yesterday. I have to do it and the alternative was online. It's not a cheerful subject and better to do it with others really.
    Good point about the bp monitoring, Eileen. I suppose that the opposite is that one gets used to it and therefore one doesn't get so stressed about doing it. I was very concerned about it preventing the operation but now that's over I'm fairly chilled. Yes, it has to be addressed, but there's time for that. I'm really thinking once a day for now reducing to a weekly thing, like weighing, etc.
    J x