Tuesday 8 November 2016


Good morning.  It's another cold morning out there but no frost because the skies are clouded over.  I hope that doesn't mean rain.

I turned up at school yesterday morning and came home again.
To clarify, I've always gone in on Tuesday mornings to help in FS but another lady wanted to help too and could only do Tuesday mornings so I said I would change.  However, we have found that Mondays won't work for various reasons, so I will go in this afternoon instead.  To be honest, afternoons work better anyway and, with all the morning interruptions such as assembly, fruit time, etc, I may even have more time with the children too.

Instead of hearing reading I decided to pop over to Morrisons and do my weekly shop.  I'm trying to share the Christmas load by getting extras in drips and drabs so yesterday I got some nuts which are now in my Christmas-do-not-touch cupboard!

Then I made the labels to go on the card kits.  I converted one to a jpg to show Beth and here is it.  The picture is our logo.

Maybe I should have made it more Christmassy but it's too late now!

After tuition, I settled down and stitched away at the Christmas hair slides and they are now nearly finished.

They will brighten up our stall anyway!

Today I am at home for the morning and then into school after lunch.  Then I will be waiting for a local upholsterer to come and look at my suite.
It's an old-ish suite but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it apart from the covers, it is still strong and firm.  However, having new covers made is very expensive, perhaps as much as a new suite.  I don't want a new suite though, unless the old one isn't worth the covering because it has problems (which I don't think it has).  This may sound daft, but I think it's wrong to discard something when it is still perfectly good and I like it, when the only problem is shabby covers.  It's the ethics of it as well as the practicalities, you see.

Anyway, this local company has an excellent reputation so I am hoping for good advice.

After that it will be telly, making the few remaining hair slides and finishing off the scrunchies.  A nice, busy, fulfilling day, I hope.

Today's food
B:  bran flakes and an apple
L:  broccoli soup and an orange
D:  flat iron steak, broccoli, sweet potato wedges, yogurt

Stay warm!

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