Wednesday 9 November 2016


Good morning, everyone.  It's cold and wet here but no snow as far as I am aware.

I did feel silly yesterday.
I had been getting quite worried about the heating, pretty noticeable in this cold snap.  The radiators weren't on when they should have been on as the thermostat showed that they were on and I had a  new boiler fitted not that long ago.

I checked the boiler knobs using the manual and it all seemed to be fine.  So why was the house so cold at times?

I rechecked the thermostat which is quite a clever one, designed to control the boiler with four setting per day and also a weekday/weekend setting.  The idea is to keep the central heating on all the time, from the boiler and completely control it from the thermostat.


I went to look at the boiler control more carefully.  That's also quite clever with several different settings and time zones and the heating bit was supposed to be set to continuous.  Was it?  Was it heck!  It was set to auto and the on/off times coincided with the cold periods, hence the house getting really cold at specific times - well, colder than comfort would wish anyway.

It is fine now and I will need to go back to the thermostat settings and make sure they're not set too hot as I reset them the other day because it was feeling cold!

All's well now, but I do feel a wally.  I really should have checked after the boiler was replaced, shouldn't I?

The upholsterer chap came round, looked at the suite and proclaimed it good and worth recovering.  He's left a quote which I shall accept but none of the fabrics in the books he brought with him were really right so I shall go down to their shop next week, armed with a cushion (made with the curtain fabric), a knitted cushion and an arm cover because they all go in the room and what I choose needs to go with them.
They are busy (reassuring) and won't be able to do them until next March which gives me time to save a bit more.  All good!

Today I have a day at home, packed with Things to Do!
making bread
planning tuition
sorting out the guest room for some visitors arriving tomorrow
washing and ironing
making the last lot of mince pies
cleaning, tidying and generally sorting out the house

Food will be:
B:  beans on toast and an apple
L:  the last of the broccoli soup, an orange
D:  roast chicken (from the freezer) with sprouts and broccoli

Have a good day and stay warm.


  1. Clever kit is sometimes more trouble than it is worth. I am glad you are warm now it is perishing here and raining. Sounds like you have a nice full day and hopefully it will not be too long before I too can have friends to stay again.

  2. It'll keep me out of trouble, won't it? :-) Just off to do the first thing - getting the guest room ready.
    J x