Thursday 17 November 2016


Good morning, everyone.
What a weird night - I was so tired yesterday evening that I went to bed at around eight and fell asleep very quickly.  Fine.  What wasn't fine was waking up under three hours later, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a new day that hadn't even begun!
I think it's because I'm sleeping in a different bedroom and a different bed while mine is being decorated.  The ceiling is drying out and the room feels a bit damp, not nice to sleep in at the moment.
The spare room beds are lovely, very comfortable, but they're not my bed.  Maybe that's the problem.  Anyway, I went back to bed after a while, managed to get back to sleep and slept the night through.

Yesterday, Beth came round and we knocked up some Christmas tree decorations.  Because we were busy, I made up some instant soup in mugs for us but, oh, dear, it was not nice.  I think I've got so used to home made that the artificial-ness of the packet soup was very obvious.  I shall throw away the opened box and maybe donate the unopened boxes to the food bank.

After lunch, Beth helped me to make up my computer chair.  It wasn't difficult and the instructions were extremely clear (well done, Staples) but I'm glad there were two of us to do it.  It's lovely - far more comfy and supportive than the dining chair!

After that I turned my attention to the telly corner to connect up the DVD player.
First of all I removed the broken DVD/VHS recorder and then tried to make sense of all the leads.  Loads of them, there were, but I got there in the end although there was a problem - two problems really.  One was that I couldn't see how to adjust the volume for the new DVD player and the second one was that there was no telly when I went out of broadband.  I think it was because it used to play through the DVD recorder.

Why worry about it when I have broadband?  Well, two things.  Firstly, it is nice to have a back up for when the broadband connection is flaky and secondly, subtitled can be dodgy in broadband, especially for live programmes and for an old deffie like me, that is quite important.

After pressing a few knobs and buttons and connecting a few things together to no avail, I did the grown up thing and consulted the telly manual, did a re-tune and everything was lovely again.  Phew.  At some point I may consider another recorder but, to be honest, I've hardly used the recording function since the advent of the likes of iPlayer, etc.

I discovered that I could adjust the volume using the old DVD control which was weird but after pressing a few buttons and the re-tuning, the TV control worked.  Phew.  I like the new DVD player remote - you can get subtitles at the press of a button without interrupting the DVD playing.

What I do 'need' now is something that will play my old videos though and they're not so easily (or cheaply) found.

After all that, my pupil arrived and we had fun for an hour, working through various bits of grammar and comprehension together.

So, today I have a list of things I meant to do yesterday but didn't, the first being that run to the charity shop.  There's also shopping, school, a kitchen to keep clean and tidy, a bedroom to blitz and tuition.   For a week with very little in the diary, there's certainly loads to do!

And I must remember to put the bin out - it is full to the brim and it's collection day!

Those of you who use blogger - have you noticed a new function.  W can now do little emotion (and other) thingies.
Like these.
There's a little smiley face at the top where the editing, link, formatting, etc, functions are.

And on that jolly note I will wish you a very good day and sign off!


  1. Technology is lovely when it works and a real pig when it doesn't.

  2. :-) Isn't it just. The main problem was that I didn't have a clue what I was doing so just had to use whatever common sense I could muster and hope I wasn't doing anything too disastrous. I worked but I doubt I am any more knowledgeable!

    I think I have everything I had before the DVD/VHS recorder broke now (apart from being able to record and the VHS player) and it is so nice to be able to play my DVDs again.

    J x

  3. Didn't know about the emoticons. Must go and have a play.

  4. They're fun, I think. Enjoy.
    J x