Thursday 24 November 2016


Good morning, everyone.  I have no idea of the weather because I haven't looked but it can't be too cold as the heating isn't on yet and it's comfortable!

Yesterday was lazier than I expected.  My tax helper friend couldn't come so we have rescheduled for next week.  The decorator got on without any bother, only needing coffee now and again!  It was all very gentle and easy.

I couldn't resist it - I had to watch the BFG DVD yesterday evening.  Oh, how it brought back some fond memories.  Many years ago, before today's over-strict and rigid curriculum, this was my long text for my year 1 class.  I remember that they produced some absolutely wonderful dream stories that, combined with bubble printing, made an eye catching display.  Most of all, I remember reading the book to my class.  I couldn't help it - the Frobscottle section reduced me to hysterical laughter and the children followed my example.  I tried to re-read it three times and each time we ended up in uncontrollable giggles.  I so hope their memories are as clear as mine because it was such fun.

Today I have the decorator again, I'm off to school in the afternoon and then it is tuition for a couple of hours.  I have some washing to do too.  Just an ordinary day, in fact!

Have a good 'un, everybody!

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