Wednesday 16 November 2016


Good morning, everyone.  It is utterly stupid o'clock here in Teacher Towers and I'm hoping that I'll be able to go back up in a little while and have a bit more sleep.  I haven't woken up this early for quite a while and it's not welcome.
I've no idea what it's like outside but it can't be that cold as I don't have a dressing gown on and am fine, even though the thermostat is on night setting.

Yesterday I managed to get done quite a lot of what I planned but not all of it.  I didn't get to the charity shop, for a start, but that will keep for another day.

There was a bit of low key drama when my shower refused to turn off after I used it to dampen my hair for my cut and dry.  This shower has been a bit of a nuisance really.  Last time it wouldn't turn on.  This time I had to set the temperature to cold and just leave it until Matt was able to come and fiddle with something in the loft so it turned off.  I was so glad I'm not on a water meter.  Someone is coming on Monday to, hopefully, sort it out (please excuse the split infinitive).
It's just as well I prefer baths, isn't it?

The jam jars are now all in the garage and I have enough to keep me preserving for a while to come.  I tried the cranberry chutney and it really is rather nice.  Good-oh!

Then, later on, Beth sent me some fantastic news.  It's Application for Uni time for Alex.  Alex, at five year old the virtual non-verbal autist with a statement, who attended a special school and who transferred to mainstream to take his GCSEs just over four years ago, smashing his GCSEs despite not having covered very much of the curriculum until he transferred.  He got his first uni offer today!  Three cheers.  I am so, so delighted for him.  What a star!

Today Beth is coming round, we are sewing, she is helping me put my new computer chair together and, fingers crossed, the DVD player is arriving.  It is also tuition later on in the afternoon.  Other plans include carrying on with the yellow room, making sure the kitchen stays lovely and clear and tidy and doing a bit more washing.  I might get to the charity shop (which supports our local hospice) as well, it all depends on how everything else goes really.

Have a super day, everyone!


  1. Joy I hope you have managed to snuggle back down and a peacefully sleeping

  2. I did, thank you, Diane. I don't have much external stuff to do today so should be able to snooze, if necessary! :-)

    J x

  3. Oof, that is early, hope you managed to catch up on some more slumber. Great news, well done Alex!

  4. Many congrats to Alex what an achievement.

  5. I'm extremely proud of him. Thank you so much.
    J x