Thursday 3 November 2016


Oh, my goodness, it was cold yesterday morning.  When I posted yesterday's entry, I hadn't looked out - it was too dark anyhow.  When I did venture out to go to the freezer I got a shock - frost, the first frost of this season and it was flippin' cold!  It warmed up, of course, but it was cold come the evening too, after a gloriously sunny Autumn day, full of colour.  It's exactly the same this morning with a harder frost that yesterday.  There will be some car scraping this morning, that's for sure!

I managed to get loads done and, really nice, I have a clean and tidy (tidy for me anyway) downstairs.  Upstairs is fine apart from the small room which is due a real blitz!  The Christmas parsnips are now in the freezer, as are the pigs in blankets.  I didn't get the sausage rolls done so that's on today's list!  Dinner was delicious - I peeled two potatoes that didn't look that big but by the time I had partitioned them there was more than enough so guess what - leftovers for tonight.  Three cheers!

Tuition happened and was lovely.  I'm getting very fond of my pupil and we are getting on a real treat.  Yesterday's session threw up a few gaps which I can work to fill, which is great.
One of the things about living alone is that I don't have to talk much so, from that point of view, my cold didn't inconvenience me.  However, chatting to said pupil started the cough and reminded me that I may be much better but . . .

So, on to today.

What I thought was happening this morning isn't, so I have a sort of free morning which I will fill with finishing off stuff for our Christmas stall, finishing off the planning and making the sausage rolls which will be frozen uncooked so as many as I want can be cooked when I need them.  Convenient!
The afternoon is in school, granny helping in Y2 and then it is my other two tuition sessions.

So, quite a busy day, all in all.   Enough to keep me out of mischief, for sure!

Today's food:
B:  bacon and tomatoes (I have bacon left over from the pigs in blankets and my green tomatoes are ripening rapidly on the window ledge); apple.
L: It was going to be beans on toast to use up the other half of the baked beans from yesterday, but as I changed that to marmite on toast, it shall be home made soup!  I'm working through my store of frozen soups quite nicely now.
D:  ham, corn on the cob, leftover roasties and a BBQ sauce


  1. There's nothing better in the world than left over roasties! I like em cold

  2. They're nice cold but I prefer them warmed up. Scrummy!
    J x