Thursday 10 November 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Outside it's chilly, it's dark and inside it is light and cosy.  Bliss.  Simple things give great pleasure, don't they - or maybe they are not all that simple.

Well, I am proud to announce that yesterday, for the first time in ages, I did everything I had planned to do and a bit more.
The bit more was sorting out a little filing cabinet that is part of my work desk and which I haven't opened for years - well, I have but not to use what's inside.
I reckoned that I could just about clear it and I did, more or less.  So all the clutter of paper, printed recipes, etc, went into files in that cupboard and now my work station is way less cluttered, thank goodness.  It was getting on my nerves!

It's nice to have got the washing and ironing all done and sorted apart from a few T shirts that needed to go back in because I'd splashed oil on them.  I have this terrible habit of cooking/baking without an apron so, of course, I get splashed and splattered!

Today's list is not quite as long but there's still plenty:
tidy living room (it's very superficial but . . . )
school (I've been asked to judge the International Song Contest!)
tuition x 2
guests arriving

There's plenty of time for all that so there's no panic.

And today's food:
B:  toast with marmite
L:  home made soup
D:  lasagne and peas

Better go and get on with something!  :-)

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