Tuesday 1 November 2016

Tuesday - and November . . .

. . . so, pinch and punch!  New month, new budget.  I've spend some time going over October's figures and was somewhat and briefly worried about them until I remembered that I've popped a fair amount into savings this month as well as buying the Christmas turkey AND some new bedding.  Now I am pleased instead!

Yesterday I was out for much of the morning.  I have been searching for white glue (the PVA sort) and haven't been able to find any locally.  I went to a shop that someone suggested but no luck.  So I went on to B&Q and on the way thought I would take a detour to Hobbycraft once more and, lo and behold, they had some.  Cheers!  Almost next to Hobbycraft there is a Boots and I remembered that I will soon need some more hearing aid batteries so I popped in and got enough to last me around three months.

Then I went in to B&Q and got the granular salt for the water softener.  It's the sort of thing I run out of.  Actually, ages ago I investigated having some delivered, in bags, but discounted the idea because of not being at home when they came.  Those bags are very heavy, you see.  I must explore that possibility again.

Finally it was Morrisons and I got what I needed there too so I'm all set up for the week and maybe longer.

Today Beth is coming round and we are going to stitch.  We have five owls to make and stuff to finish off for our Christmas stall.

Today's food:
B: bran flakes and apple
L:  soup - home made - and orange
D:  not-meatballs with a tomato and veg sauce and pasta, yogurt and fruit


  1. Have a lovely month of November. Seems that you're well set off for a good start !

  2. I hope so - fingers crossed that it is not an expensive month!
    You have a lovely month too. :-)
    J x