Monday 14 November 2016


Good morning.  It seems to be comparatively mild at the moment but I gather it's due to get quite chilly again towards the end of the week,  Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, very cheering, with wonderful Autumnal colours everywhere.

Mum and Dad left yesterday morning after breakfast and had a good journey home.  I was rather lazy and might have slept once or twice through the day.  I caught up on QI and Strictly (I will never forget Ed and Katya's salsa) and I finished off the day watching 'The Day After Tomorrow' before a quick bedroom sort out (it was very tidy anyway) so that the room is now clear for the plasterer who is due to arrive at around nine this morning.

After a comment from Dad over the weekend about me using a dining chair at the computer for so long, I went online to Staples and ordered a computer chair.  He's right, I do spend quite a lot of time working at the PC one way and another and I ought to have a proper chair with back support, etc.  The chair I use is just a dining chair and doesn't support all that well.  A good use of all the money I am saving by using up food in the freezer!

Then I thought 'in for a penny, in for a pound' and, as my DVD played died several months ago and Christmas is coming up when we will want to watch Christmas movies, I bought a little DVD player that you can connect to the TV via a scart lead which I already have.  It doesn't record, it just plays, but I haven't missed the recording facility at all.  It should be here on Wednesday.
At some point I ought to sort out all the old videos I still have.  I don't want to get rid of them.  For example, I have a full set of the Forsyte Saga - the original, better version - and now I don't have any way of watching them.  I wonder if I could buy a simple VHS player that just connects up to the telly and plays.  I must hunt.

Today I have to be in all day so it is fortunate that there is absolutely nothing in the diary apart from the plastering.  Last week I cleared out some drawers in the living room and yesterday I sorted out some more drawers in the kitchen and slowly I am finding space for things that have had to sit on the work surface and look messy.  I'll carry on with that today, seeing as I have to be in.  There's also a fair bit of washing and some ironing too.
I've made a little list so there's a better chance of getting it all done.

Food today:
B:  bacon sarnie
L:  tomato soup
D:  the Chinese from Saturday that I didn't have yesterday.

Have a super day and take care of yourself.


  1. The Day after Tomorrow is one of my ultimate favourite films ever!

  2. It does me good to read what normal life is like. Good for you a proper chair is a must I have one with wheels on a carpet floor so I also bought a mat to stop the wheels destroying the carpet.

  3. Rachel, I have a DVD set with that and Independence Day on and I enjoy them both. Escapist and with great visual effects too. I am getting quite excited at the thought of being able to enjoy my DVDs again. I think I need to give them a good sort out!

    Diane - I have a mat in front of my desk too, for exactly the same reason. I used to have a chair on wheels but it fell apart. I think it was Alexed!
    Your life will be normal again soon . . . xxx

    J x