Sunday 13 November 2016


Well, the stars must be shining down on me at the moment.  As well as seemingly having mastered shortcrust pastry after goofing up with it all my life, I also get exactly the right amount of Chinese takeaway - enough for everyone with just a little bit left over (that's tomorrow's tea sorted!).  Normally I get way, way too much.

As predicted, yesterday was wall to wall rain all day, far too much wetness to go anywhere so we didn't.  We stayed inside, chatted, read, snoozed and then had a very pleasant evening.  It was all good.  The comparatively simple pleasures of life are the very best, I think.

This morning my guests leave and I have the rest of the day to myself.  Very nice too.  What shall I do?  Well, tomorrow the plasterer is coming to remove the artex and then re-plaster my bedroom ceiling so I have to clear the surfaces, etc, and move the bedding into the guest room.  Then I have bedding to wash and, maybe, dry outside.  Well, one can hope anyway!  I also have to catch up on missed telly  such as QI, Would I Lie to You and Strictly.  Good old iPlayer.

B: bran flakes, apple
L:  Friday leftovers - chicken pie with broccoli
D: Saturday leftovers - Chinese - just enough left for one portion.
I also have a portion of very delicious home made tomato soup, made with the last of the giulietta tomatoes that have been ripening on the window ledge, but that will keep until Monday.
Tasty food for very little work.  Not bad, eh?  Not bad at all.

Also not bad is that I bought a ham for this weekend but it wasn't needed and I didn't cook it so it is heading for the freezer and I shall use it for Christmas!

Have a good day!


  1. Left over Chinese....I *may* have been known to order more ON PURPOSE just for leftover purposes!!!

  2. I thought I was the only one with the left over Chinese syndrome

  3. LOL @ you both!

    I don't get Chinese all that often because to get a decent selection you have to get way more than one person can manage. It is nice next day but I do like a choice so there's often more.
    I've said before, Chinese places ought to do a better set meal for one with lots of smaller pots to give a nice selection. I, for one, wouldn't mind paying a bit extra as it would be cheaper than buying all the dishes singly.
    Buying for seven was definitely easier and more accurate!
    J x

  4. Shows the difference a few hundred miles north-west makes. No chance here of any outside drying until late March at best. Jx