Saturday 19 November 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a wet and wild early morning out there although not as wild as I expected it to be after watching the weather forecast yesterday evening.  In fact, right now, it is remarkably still but I don't doubt that will change as the first storm of the season whirls its way up the channel and across southern England.

On Friday evening I developed backache.  I haven't the foggiest how or why but it was a bit ouchy.  Not tablet ouchy, just rather ooh, ooh, ooh going upstairs or turning over in bed.  It was still hanging around yesterday on and off but it's only residual.  Phew!

I'm still slowly plodding through over-full cupboards, trying to be strong enough to throw out or in other ways get rid of stuff I haven't used for a very long time.  Yesterday I dealt with a quite small cupboard over the fridge that had a surprisingly large number of old, battered, mainly unused plastic pots and tubs of various kinds.  I kept a few that I know I do still use, the rest is now in the plastic recycling bag for collection next Thursday and the cupboard looks quite different.  At least I'm not now going to have containers tumbling on my head each time I open the door!
(There's a lot more plastic in the shed but that can wait.)

And my reward?  Right at the back, hidden (because it is a high cupboard), were two rolls of easy-leave.  I use a lot of that for all sorts of things - it is brilliant for separating things to be frozen, for wrapping and covering, etc, so two rolls is a real find and I won't need to add that to my Lakeland shopping list for some time to come.

Beth came round yesterday and we brainstormed stuff for an important form she has to complete.  She didn't stay all that long and then I carried on hand sewing, finishing off some stuff for our Christmas stall - tree decorations, scrunchies and hair slides, all with a Christmas theme.

As she was around yesterday, Beth won't be round today so I have it to myself.  I've done the planning for next week's tuition so I shall start today with a bit more yellow room blitz and then sit and knit all day as I have a project that I really do need to finish, taking time out to make the weekly loaves.  For a few weeks I am making an extra loaf for the freezer, to use at Christmas - I slice them and separate slices with easy-leave.

Today's food:
B:  Toast, natural yogurt and fruit
L:  home made soup, probably tomato as I have enough ripened-on-the-window-ledge garden tomatoes.
D:  Instead of the burgers I had planned yesterday, I finished off the pasta bake so I will have those burgers today instead!

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