Sunday 27 November 2016


Good morning, gentle readers, and I hope you have all slept well.  I haven't looked but it feels pretty mild this morning (although that might be the heating, of course).

Yesterday was a lazy day so there's not a lot to say about it.  However, on a blog I follow (The Frugal Family), Cassie posted a fudge recipe that uses Nutella.  Now, I don't think I have bought a jar of Nutella (or it's cheaper own brand equivalent) is my life but it is easy found so I thought I might give it a whirl at some point this coming week but using Thermione rather than by hand - saves a lot of stirring that way!
Here's a link to the relevant entry.

My bedroom is now finished and drying out.  It does look lovely, very clean and fresh.  I looked at the curtains which were, frankly, grubby - a lot grubbier than I expected, especially along the lining at the top.  I realised then that, of course, they would be as I often have the window open on tilt and turn so that's the part that would catch any dust blown in.

Anyway, I shall pull out the pleats and give them a good and gentle wash.  I did check that they were washable when I bought them.

However, a new bedroom (sort of) isn't something that happens very often so I started pondering and thought wouldn't it be lovely if I could treat myself to new curtains.
There's a problem, of course, which is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old curtains.  However, the curtains in the other two bedrooms are not particularly wonderful, especially in the blue room so I could replace those curtains with my curtains (assuming they wash properly).  It wouldn't then be the 'blue' room any more, of course.

So, tomorrow, I am off to a curtain place.  I've used Chelford fabrics in Gamlingay for ages now, it's like an Aladdin's cave, a wonderful place.  Not being sure whether they open on Mondays, I googled and discovered that they closed down in July.  Oh, no!

But then it said that they have another shop in Harpenden which is actually closer so guess what - fingers crossed, that's where I'm going tomorrow.

I have no idea what colour, pattern, anything I want and I have an open mind as everything else is white or ivory, even the bedding.  I just know I want it to be pretty and restful (and washable).  If I don't find anything that shrieks 'here I am, get me' I am no worse off, am I?  I shall be taking the window measurements with me in hopes though!
So fingers crossed for me, please.

Today is knitting day.  I have to knit and knit and sew and get things finished.  Luckily I have some fudge to keep me going - it is so rich, you can't have very much at a go.

Better get going then . . . have a great day, whatever you are doing.

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