Saturday 5 November 2016


It was another 'wake at half past six' morning this morning which is fantastic.  I'm not sure what's started this later waking thing but long may it continue as I am liking it!

There's no frost again although it's pretty chilly and the sky looks promising for a lovely late autumnal day, fingers crossed.  It rained a lot yesterday afternoon and evening which was a bit dismal, but there you go!

When the cleaners came yesterday I got myself out of their way, first of all to Hobbycraft to get some sparkly thread for the gold and silver ribbon and then on to Wyevale to look at their Christmas decorations.  I like to buy one new tree decoration each year if I see one I like enough.  It's a bit of a tradition for me, one of those little things that make Christmas special to an individual, and certainly Wyevale had plenty of them but nothing quite special enough although a few came close.  I might take a look on Liberty's site - several years ago I got a gorgeous set of owl decorations that I really treasure, so much so that I still have their original; boxes and they go carefully back in them at the end of each festive season.

What they did have at Wyevale though was some non-alcoholic mulled winter punch and, as they were BOGOFs' I did!

Once I had done all my stuff yesterday, I sat down and worked at the Christmas hair slides.  They're simple but fiddly - shiny, glittery Christmas ribbon (red, gold or silver) sewn into a bow and stitched onto a simple hair slide.  They do look pretty and should go well at the school fair.

Today is, I think, another day by myself.  Goodness, that sounded a bit pathetic and pity partyish but it shouldn't - I like solitude.  Apart from crafting, I'm enjoying thinking about what I can fill it with.

Then, of course, it is Strictly this evening, a programme that I really do enjoy.  No bonfire parties for me, thank you - I will hear plenty, I'm sure, and worry about people's safety, but I don't like fireworks much and am happier keeping away.

I have no idea about today's food yet except that it will be bits and bobs from the fridge.

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