Wednesday 23 November 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

I came into Blogger this morning to find it all different.  Everything is still there, just not all visible on the main page so needing more clicks to get to what you want.  I don'ero action and zero communication.t like it!  Seems to me that they'd do better to sort out problems such as the link there seems to be between my blog and less pleasant sites so that when one clicks on this page, another page opens.  I told them about it and what did they do?  Absolutely nothing!

Fix what's broke first, Blogger!

End of rant!

As expected, yesterday was a pleasant and busy day.

I took the fabric books back, all except for one.  I think I have chosen my fabric for the chairs but just wanted to ponder a bit more.  At the moment it is on the floor with the most likely choice against the carpet so I can see how it looks in all lights.  Fussy, I know, but it is a big expense and not one I can afford to remedy if I make the wrong choice now.  I hope I will have to live with it for the rest of my life so I want to get it right!

A big thing yesterday was trying to get rid of the onion pong throughout the house.  It didn't half whiff and the elegantly scented White Company room wouldn't even start to touch it so, when I went shopping, I got some Febrese room spray which is less delicate and packs quite a punch.  After several sprays in the evening and again this morning, it seems to have taken the worst away, thank goodness.  Lesson learnt!

Mind you, as I have a tea loaf baking right now, after soaking the fruit for a day and a night, it's smelling gorgeous anyway!

I didn't do a big shop yesterday but it didn't half cost.  I got some stuff for Christmas and, unfortunately, fell for a DVD of the film the BFG.  I love that story!  It will be perfect viewing over Christmas.

Today is also busy.  Apart from the usual things, it is finally bedroom decorating day.  Woohoo.  I have to be up and ready by eight.  Then, the daughter of a good friend is coming round to help me fill in my tax form.  It'll be a relief to see that done as I know I owe them something relating to my Funding Circle investments.  Later on it will be tuition and that's all ready.

Also, when shopping, I bought a chicken which roasted yesterday so today I need to deal with it.  It yielded a lovely stock too which is good.  My meals for the rest of the week will be based around that chicken, one way or another!

So, today's food
B:  granola with yogurt and fruit
L:  chicken paste with toast, apple
D:  chicken and bacon pasta bake, yogurt

Enjoy your day!

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