Wednesday 30 November 2016


Good morning, everyone.  Apologies for the silence yesterday - I was travelling home and didn't really have the time.  Today is frantically busy too, so I am up early to make time.  It's cold too, so the heating is up!

I got the curtains on Monday - or, rather, I have chosen the fabric and they are being made.  They will be posted to me when they are ready.

I have to move back into my bedroom today as the guest room is in use so I hurriedly washed one of the old curtains yesterday (I am doing them one at a time) and when I got it out of the machine, some of the lining had disintegrated, darn it.  That window does get a lot of sunlight so I guess the linings are a bit rotten.  The other is in the machine at the moment so I await the outcome with interest.

The tear goes straight from top to bottom so I can put them up again just for the few weeks they are needed as I have no time today to unpick linings, etc.  Fortunately, they will not be drawn until dark, so no-one will see.  :-)

They are also terribly faded which I hadn't noticed, so I suspect all my grand plans for using them in another room will come to naught!  I also suspect I will be going back to Chelford Fabrics to get some curtains for the guest room too at some point.

I need to stop now and get going with other stuff.  Today is very busy so fingers crossed, please.  There seem to be days when everything happens at once, don't there?  Well, that's today!

Have a great day.


  1. The last time I washed the lounge curtains, I awaited with baited breath for the same reason. Fortunately they were OK but I'm not sure I'd risk another washing.

  2. Fingers firmly crossed for you Joy lets hope it goes according to plan

  3. The other curtain came out even worse - rags! :-(

    J x

  4. Sort of, more or less, Diane. :-)

    J x