Wednesday 2 November 2016


Good morning.  I'm up at normal (for me) time after a long night's sleep.  I was so weary yesterday evening, I went up well before eight, expecting I'd be wide awake by two but I wasn't!  I feel a lot better for it too.  Happy!

Yesterday was lovely with Beth round to stitch and natter.  In between sewing and chatting I made two loaves of wholemeal and the spiced cranberry jelly which is now in two largish jars.  It didn't come out totally smooth, presumably because I had used a fairly coarse muslin instead of that elusive jelly bag, but it's delicious, really scrummy.  The spices were cinnamon stick, cloves and star anise and I added a good slug of port too.

Beth and I started some owls, made a few decisions and just got on with stuff.

As I dropped off one of the loaves at school for my 'customer', on the way home I noticed that a neighbour's wall was looking rather lovely so I took a few photos.

Today I have a downstairs to clean, pigs in blankets and sausage rolls to make, tuition planning to do and one tuition session.  I have this feeling at the back of my mind that there's somethings else as well but I daresay it will come to me later if I stop trying to remember now.
Anyway, remember or not, that is enough to keep me out of trouble and 'gainfully employed' for the day!

Today's food:
B:  beans on toast
L:  I have to finish last year's turkey before this year's needs saving, so turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce (there's a bit that didn't fit in the jar) followed by an orange.
D:  sausages, broad beans, onion gravy, maybe some spuds, yogurt and fruit

Enjoy the day and may it go well for you.


  1. Enjoy your day too and all that food sounds lovely, 'cept for the broad beans, which I don't like. Never mind, I'll come for dinner another time :) xx

  2. < chuckle > I love broad beans but, if you turned up, I have peas in the freezer too! :-)
    J x