Friday, 4 November 2016


How has this week passed by so quickly.  After the slow, achey, high temperature half term, this week has been a 'blink and you miss it' experience.  It is Friday already!  Incredible.

Yesterday was, like most of my days now, good.  I made the sausage rolls that were then open frozen and are now snuggling in an old ice cream tub.  I finished the tuition planning and everything fell nicely into place.  I went to school and enjoyed the chatter of the children I share books with.  They are now confiding in me their hopes and excitements and I'm loving it so much.  It take time when you see them just once a week but it's worth the effort.

Tuition also flowed nicely and it is another thing I truly love doing.  It helps fill the gap in my soul that appeared when I stopped teaching.

It's been another cold night, although nowhere near as chilly as the previous two, and I'm appreciating my new duvet.  It doesn't overheat me but it does hold the warmth so if (when!) I go along the landing in the middle of the night, when I get back into bed it is delightfully warm.  My old quilt used to lose heat so quickly.  Generally, I'm sleeping later too - today it was half past six before I woke which, for me, is incredible!

Today I don't think I have any real plans.  I will be getting on with KittyStitches stuff for our Christmas stall and will pop out when the cleaners come (I get in their way, you see).  I'll probably go back to Hobbycraft, partly because it's a lovely place to stroll around and partly because I had a brainwave of something for the stall which has worked quite well so want to get a bit more stuff for it.  More about that later!

Today's food.
B:  I know this is going to sound daft but I didn't have the planned dinner yesterday so, rather than waste the stuff I thawed, I shall have the ham and roasties this morning for breakfast.
L:  corn on the cob, fruit
D:  flat iron steak with some veg

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