Tuesday 26 July 2016


Hello, gentle readers.  For once I am up before the sun and I am sure that the mornings are starting later again!  From what I can see, I think today is going to be another wonderful day, like yesterday.  Yesterday the heat was less, the humidity was a lot less and there was a refreshing breeze.  It was gorgeous.

As it was such a lovely day, Al and I decided we would take a simple picnic to Cressing Temple.  There were several advantages to this:  we both like it there, the drive is mostly country and is very pleasant, it's not too far away and it is free!

Our simple picnic was tuna sarnies with lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomatoes on the side followed by fruit and we had water to drink.  Very simple and absolutely delicious eaten while sitting at a picnic bench in the shade.

As always, I took loads of photos.  Here's just a few.

This is the Millennium Sundial.  Neither of us noticed it last time we visited.  The central strip has the months inscribed on separate slabs while the curved part has the months and also bricks that were decorated by visitors to the Temple during July 2000.  You stand on the relevant month and where your shadow falls is the time.  It worked too!

One of the decorated bricks.

In the walled garden - I was playing with the camera functions.

The walled garden again.

We had no idea what these are.  On was inscribed with a cross on a shield and another with a sword.  They are likely to be connected with the Knights Templar who used to own Cressing Temple but there was no info on the sheet.  I am going to send them the photo and ask - they're very good at responding to requests for information.

I also picked up a new course leaflet and it appears that there are two in November - one for making willow reindeer and one for making felted angels.  Decisions!  I can't go to both!

Once home again, I set to in the kitchen to make a vegetable curry.  I am somewhat restricted in what I can use for my friend but I was so very pleased with the outcome.  It had potato, sweet potato, onion, carrot, green beans, mange tout, baby corn and courgette.  To my dismay, I discovered that the korma paste jar was almost empty but it was a good thing because I had to use my spices (I did swill out the jar and use the last dregs.
I finished it off with a trick I learnt ages ago - chop up some mango chutney very fine and add it with a splash of cream, mix it in well and serve.
I thought it was delicious!

Today is a stay at home morning as I have a phone call to make and Sharon is coming to do my hair, and Bath's too, at midday.  We might pop into town in the afternoon, it all depends on time really.

Today's food.
B:  bran flakes with fresh fruit, apple
L:  egg salad, melon
D:  fish pie with sweet potato topping, runner beans, courgettes (the latter two from gardens), yogurt


  1. Morning Joy! I'm not sure my weather has made its mind up yet. I'm still going to wash n cross my fingers! Those odd structures are clearly sun loungers!! Curries are always the best when it's a chuck it in n hope for the best type!

  2. lol - we wondered that too - sort of dark ages recliners! Or maybe a henge. A woodhenge!
    J x

  3. Sun loungers was exactly what popped into my head too!

    Definitely a trip into town in the afternoon, got to show off your new hair do!

  4. It appears that they are African chairs, put there about 20 years ago! :-)
    J x