Thursday 28 July 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Light is just starting to dawn outside.  It feels strange to be waking in the dark again: it's partly because I'm waking earlier and partly because the nights are lengthening again.
Just to cheer me up - it is lovely, isn't it?

Yesterday was quite a difficult day although I can't go into any details.  In between worries, Beth and I got quite a lot done which I was very pleased about.  By the end of the day the house will be ready for both the cleaners tomorrow and the family get together on Saturday.

Apart from housework, I have a pupil coming for their first tuition session with me which I am very much looking for.  Everything is planned and I am looking online for some materials/resources I can use in the future.

One thing I was glad about.  I had hung some washing outside and it was flapping merrily in the breeze.  Suddenly it got very dark and overcast.  'Uh oh,' thought I and whizzed outsize to get the washing in, just before the heavens opened!  Although it hadn't been out long, the washing was dry apart from two quilt covers which I draped over chairs.  So all was well!

Another good thing - they have finally got my AVC sorted out and the first money was in the bank yesterday morning.  Thank goodness for that and about time too!

Because of all the worry, yesterday evening was a bit wonky, food wise.  How I wish I wasn't a person who ate for comfort!
Hopefully today will be better.
B:  bran flakes with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
L:  smoked salmon, feta and olive salad, apple or orange
D:  out to the Hare with the girls - I will maybe choose healthy stuff but maybe not, depending on how I feel.  I'm putting no pressure on me tonight!


  1. Sorry to hear you had a worrying day yesterday :-(
    Hopefully things were sorted out and today will be more peaceful

  2. Sorry you were troubled yesterday. Glad you were out last night, hopefull it gave you a chance to think of something else for a while. Best wishes the worries will sort themselves quickly.

  3. Thank you, both.

    I wasn't out last night, Annabeth, I just pigged out at home. Tonight I shall be pigging out somewhere else and paying for it so maybe that will give me some restraint!
    J xxx