Thursday 14 July 2016


Good morning, everyone.  It cheered up yesterday and by the evening it was gorgeous.  It's sunny again now and should warm up later on, with any luck.

Beth and I crafted again yesterday.  I got going on a dress for a six year old that someone has ordered from us and it's nearly finished now.  Beth made Christmas bags and tree decorations.  Then we sorted out everything from after the June Fair so it is now all in good order again.

Today Beth's not coming over so I shall use the morning to finish off that little dress and to do the planning for tutoring this evening - just one this week so that's not going to take too long at all.  I might also get the skirt for myself started.  This afternoon is the last read session with Y2 for the school year.

I've heard from Jo and there's room on the weaving course so I have whacked off the fee and put it in the diary.  She sent details of a B&B close by but when I looked online that weekend was not available so I shall have to look around or commute.  I might do that, actually, because it will be probably be cheaper than a B&B and it looks a fairly straightforward journey too.

Today's food plans:
B: oat bran galette, yogurt and soft fruit
L: corn on the cob, fruit
D: Jackburger, sweet potato fries, salad, fruit salad

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