Saturday 16 July 2016


Phew, what a week.  I suppose in some ways it was nothing special but it has been a truly lovely week in those sweet and simple ways that make all the difference to my life nowadays.

In the morning, yesterday, I went to a one plan meeting and was so pleased and satisfied to see yet again that the SEN work that I strove so hard to develop in time gone by is in very, very safe, expert and creative hands.  As a private tutor, my input was welcomed, appreciated and valued.  Absolutely splendid.

Then Beth and I made that visit to And Sew On.  To our delight there was a clearance sale on - a very good sale with fabrics at under half price.  We just dived in (or should that be 'dove in') and had a whale of a time.  What we bought has now been washed and ironed and is ready to use.  Apart from the kitty stitches stuff, I got a length of fabric in a most dynamic print that will be perfect to make another skirt for me.  I might get that done over the weekend.

In the afternoon, after Beth had gone, I had a wee snooze and then got on with the ironing and now I have an empty washing basket and an empty ironing basket, something that is happening increasingly frequently nowadays now my life is simpler.

I'm not usually pleased with an electricity bill but this one was the annual summary telling me I have used significantly less electricity this year.  Good news, eh?  I was thinking about why and while I must have used more electricity during the day, being at home more, this has been more than offset by the fact that I now dry almost everything outside on the line rather than bunging it all in the tumble dryer.

Today is an easy day, a lazy day, a pootle around and do what I fancy day.  And to think that this time last year I was dreading retirement.  I still feel a little bubble of irrational excitement to think that there's only one week of the term left to go, but it is just residual now.  I have been very lucky to have a gradual withdrawal from something that I loved very much with the one day a week contract and the occasional supply but now I get my fix from the private tuition and live a happy and busy life doing other things I love doing as well.  I am feeling better, mentally and physically, than I have for years.

Today's food.
B:  natural yogurt, granola and soft fruit, orange
L:  breaded chicken steak with salad, apple
D:  pork curry, 40g basmati rice, yogurt and fruit


  1. Very pleased to know retirement suits you well. Jx

  2. You told me it would, didn't you? :-)
    J x