Sunday 3 July 2016


What funny weather we are having at the moment!  Yesterday we had sun, rain, wind and a mixture of all three at times.  Despite the sunny times, it still feels very cool for July.  Usually we're in the middle of a heatwave and we teachers (and the children) swelter in the classrooms with the fan on full pelt, even though it blows the papers everywhere.
This morning it is light and bright so I am hoping . . .

Yesterday was another very pleasant day.  I started off by finishing the strawberry jam started the day before and I made those buns for my two garden helpers.  My cake making can be erratic but those cupcakes looked good and disappeared quickly.  I popped over to Beth's a couple of time to feed the cats.  I made a batch of Jack-burgers, one of which I had last night and very nice it was too.  I fed the tomatoes as the fruit is just beginning to set.  It was just really pleasant.


I also fixed a date to have dinner with a friend and, really nice, someone contacted me to say she'd heard I did tutoring and would I have room for her daughter.  I'm meeting her next week but how nice is that, eh?  It looks as if, slowly, word is getting around.

Today ought to be a quiet day - but you never know.  I'm not planning to do anything, just be lazy, take life easy and go with the flow.  Happy times.

Today's food plans:
B:  oat bran galette with natural yogurt and strawberries and blueberries
L:  home made broccoli soup, natural yogurt and fresh fruit
D:  peanut butter chicken noodles with a side salad, fruit yogurt

And finally, my friend posted a photo of that dress I wrote about on Friday.  It's very sixties-girl and looks a lot better on than hanging.  I'm sure Mum made me a dress like that at some point.

Time for another coffee, I think.
Have a lovely day.

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