Saturday 23 July 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

It's a lovely cool, bright morning although yesterday was a real mix - rain, sun, cloud, some wind, some humidity . . .

We had planned to go lavender picking but, after some very heavy rain, decided that it would be too damp so we went to the health food shop so I could top up with peanut butter (they sell it in big tubs and it is just ground peanuts with nothing else added.  Lovely stuff!

Today I have no idea what we are doing.  We might do the lavender today.  We will see!

Today's food (I think)
B:  bran flakes with sultanas, Natural yogurt with blueberries and grapes.
L:  no idea
D:  frittata with salad.  I know that's what I said yesterday but yesterday's dinner ended up as savoury mince crumble with broad beans and courgette, both from the garden, and some potatoes.

Have a great day, whatever you plan to do.


  1. Very often our supper turn into the next day's lunch. Sometimes no one is hungry so we settle for a sandwich or a piece of toast.

  2. Flexibility is the name of the game, isn't it? :-)
    J x