Friday 15 July 2016


Good morning!  It is beautiful outside again today and my fingers are crossed that the weekend will be the same.  It's not terribly warm yet but the bright sun cheers me so much.

After my rant on Tuesday, Joan sent a lovely, consoling comment and, in replying to that, wrote so much that I decided to copy it here.

"I did feel better, thanks, Joan and, to be fair, as Beth said later, they probably have a whole list of questions to ask those who are daft enough to state on the form that they had no professional advice (my Dad is better than any pro adviser, knows his onions, wants the very best for ME and doesn't expect to be paid!) and didn't contact Pensionwise (we read the booklet, Dad talked me through everything and there were no queries to contact them about).
It was still highly annoying though - and I still don't have the lump sum cash in my bank account.   Grrrrrr"

Anyway, enough of that.  The money will be with me at some point, I am sure, and, always the Pollyanna, aren't I lucky that I am not desperate for it?

Yesterday was great!  The sun shone, the birds sang, the windows were open and I thoroughly enjoyed the crafting.

In the morning I finished the little sundress and am now just waiting on being told how long the customer wants it.
I did the planning for the tutorial session (I'm getting quicker at that now that I have some relevant templates on the computer).
I paid for the weaving weekend and booked a room in a Premier Inn that's not too far away and looks like an easy run to get to the weaving venue.  A plus is that it's a fair bit cheaper than the B&B and I am sure of a certain degree of comfort.  Outside noises don't bother me once my hearing aids are out so I'm happy with that.  I've been naughty and booked a breakfast for the Sunday morning and lunch is provided on the course so the only meal I will need to think about is Saturday evening and I will probably take a packed meal with me for that.  It's quite exciting really
I sorted out the problem with the computer (the left hand button on the mouse had failed so no wonder I was not able to do anything).
I went to school for my last reading session with that particular bunch of Y2s.
I taught.  Last one of this school year.
And finally, I cut out and made the skirt.  Admittedly, it is an easy pattern, elasticated waist (so no zip or waistband) and only a few seams, but I'm glad it was so quick and I shall wear it today!

On to today.
I have been invited to attend a One Plan meeting in school so I will do that first.  Then Beth and I are finally off to And Sew On.  After that we continue crafting.  All good stuff.

Today's food:
B:  overnight oats (I remembered to put them in to soak!) with yogurt, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
L:  tomato and egg bake.
D: salmon baked in honey and lemon, new potatoes, side salad

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