Monday 18 July 2016


It's another delightfully sunny morning here in Essex after a warm night.  I had the weirdest dream that I was back at a teacher training college (they don't exist any more, do they, they are all unis now) to take some sort of advanced teaching qualification and I was the oldest person in the world ever to have taken this course.  There were all sorts of odd bits and bobs about my room that students could walk through and feeding a kitten - it was just all very strange indeed and I woke up thankful that it was a dream, only a dream.

My main activity yesterday was getting started on the knitting bag I am making for my mum.  It's blue quilted patchwork and the lining will be white with little blue flowers on.  A light lining makes the contents so much easier to spot.  I had to cut all the pieces out with scissors which took a lot longer than using a rotary cutter, pieced them all together and layered the backing, wadding and patchwork (thank goodness for quilting glue!) before having to stop because I didn't have the shade of blue I needed for the machine quilting.  That was a bit frustrating but maybe my eyes were getting tired by then anyway.

This is what it looks like at present, more or less, although I have done a bit of tacking round certain parts.  The H shape along the sides and across the middle are the sides and bottom of the bag.

Today someone is coming to clean the downstairs carpet so I'm getting right out of the way.  Hobbycraft first to get that sylko and then round to Beth's for a while.

Today's food plans
B: bran flakes and sultanas, apple
L: Camembert, oat cakes, salad, strawberries and yogurt
D: 2 chicken drumsticks in bbq sauce, runner beans, green beans or broccoli, fruit salad and yogurt

In the end I didn't have the runner beans so I have them for tonight. Nice!

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