Saturday 9 July 2016


Good morning, everyone.

After an uncertain start yesterday, out came the sun and it was another really lovely day.

I had a lovely day too.  Despite those slightly uncertain dreams the nigh before, I had a wonderful time at the willow weaving basketry course.  It look me back to childhood when Mum made cane (REAL cane, plastic cane hadn't been invented) baskets with the church youth club.  Maybe that helped yesterday, I don't know, but I was well pleased with what I produced, despite the many errors and points for improvement.

How it started.

Half way through.

I finished the main weaving before the others so I had a go at a willow reindeer.  I was following a pattern in a book and it was tricky but . . .

There you go!  One reindeer, ready for Christmas!

It was quite physical and I thought my hands would hurt today but, in fact, they are fine with just a slight 'feeling' in the wrists.  Perhaps all that knitting and crochet has helped to strengthen my hands or, at least, kept them pliable.

I'm loving these opportunities to develop my crafting skills.  It feels as if I have 'come home'.  I would love more lessons in willow weaving but Jo (the tutor) isn't based in Essex.

Today I have nothing scheduled in the diary but there's some ironing to do and, of course, there's tennis!  The weather is looking good at the moment.

Today's food:
B:  oat bran galette, yogurt and fruit (blueberries and strawberries)
L:  tuna salad, apple
D:  Mince with veg mash topping, carrots, melon and yogurt


  1. Well done now you need a lovely bunch of roses to put in your basket/trug

  2. I could, but I shall definitely be using it when I pick my runner beans - it is just the right length/size! :-)
    J x