Tuesday 19 July 2016


What a scorcher it was yesterday.  No need to ask where summer is any more.  I stayed out of the sun and did my usual trick of opening the windows, closing the blinds and staying inside and it was nice and comfortable.  It's jolly good not to have chilly toes any more, that's for sure!

I thought it was going to be a bad night in the heat but, with the ceiling and the floor standing fans on, it was OK and I slept well.  I've been warned by the last two days and taking my anti-sneeze tablet before the sneezes start!

Yesterday was carpet cleaning day so, as soon as the cleaners arrived, I popped out, first to Hobbycraft to get the not-sylko and then on to Beth's for a drink (nice chilled sparkling water) and a good old natter.  Jarmila had told me when the carpet should be dry (cheers for hot weather!) so by half twelve I was home, making bread and sewing away at the bag I am making for Mum.

The actual construction of the bag doesn't take all that much time but the cutting piecing and quilting does.  I think I'm getting a little bit better at it now though.  I worked carefully and stitched all the lose ends in rather than just snipping them so there's nothing that will just come undone. The bag is finished and I think it will be just what she asked for.  I do hope she likes it.
Here it is!  I should have stuffed it with tea towels or something before tanking the photo - it would've held shape better.

I was right to leave the runner beans until yesterday.  Several more had joined the three that were ready, enough to provide a small portion.  There's more coming on that will be ready this evening.  Cheers!

Today is the usual school in the morning day.  I won't be hearing readers though, not today, as all the books have been collected it, but M will keep me busy all the same.  I think I will be collating the new reading books, getting them stamped and typing them into the relevant record sheets for use next school year.

Then, in the afternoon, it is more stitching plus some washing and drying.  Busy times!

Today's nosh plans
B:  Oat bran galette with fruit and yogurt, melon
L:  breaded chicken steak, salad, melon and strawberries
D:  salmon, new pots, runner beans, broccoli, melon and strawberries
(I have fruit that needs using up!)

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