Monday 4 July 2016


Good morning, gentle readers and welcome to a gloriously sunny early morning in mid-Essex.  The sky is clear and blue and it's so cheerful it makes me feel bubbly inside.

Yesterday was lovely and sunny too.  It warmed up so I threw both French windows open and set to, putting together a pedestal fan I got a few weeks ago.  Ever since I have been walking round the box muttering 'Must put this together' and now I have!

After feeding the cats yesterday I went round to Aldi.  If I go on Sunday I like to get there about fifteen minutes before opening because by ten the car park is usually heaving.  By the time I came out I was heartily thankful that I didn't have to back out of my slot and one poor lady who had to stop to have something loaded into her car by staff caused an almighty blockage which really wasn't her fault at all.

The rest of the day was spent generally idling my life away, one way and another.  So very pleasant!

Today is another day with no firm commitments but I shall try not to be so lazy.  There's always something that needs doing and maybe today is the day it gets done.  There's washing, for sure, can't waste a lovely day like this, which means ironing later on.

I've thought of one commitment - I have to make a loaf of bread so I can deliver it later on so I'd better shut up and get that started off.  I also have to make soda bread for tomorrow's visitor but I will save that until tomorrow so it is totally fresh.

Today's food plans are:
B:  bran flakes and blueberries followed by some fruit
L:  feta salad wrap, yogurt and strawberries
D:  filled yellow pepper, broccoli and new potatoes, fruit

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