Sunday 31 July 2016


The last day of July too.  Time continues to fly.  It'll be Autumn soon . . .

Yesterday was fantastic.  Yes, it was busy, my dodgy ankle played up a bit, I was shattered by the end of the day but it was gorgeous all the same.

It's always lovely when as much of the family (my family, I mean, I have little to do with my ex's family) as possible meets up for a shared meal.  The excuse - I mean the reason - was to celebrate Alex's 18th although it wasn't a party really, it was a get together.

The food was what Al wanted and, it seems, what everyone else wanted too!  Yes, there's leftovers but Beth took some with her, John will take some when he leaves this morning and the rest can be absorbed into the meal planning, so no problems.  The kitchen looks a bit like a bomb site but I did do a lot of clearing up yesterday so the rest shouldn't take too long.  The hole in my bank account will disappear quickly enough too!  :-)
I took a few photos but I haven't 'developed' them yet.

This morning is going to be a take-it-easy time.  Beth is round for lunch and then I might do a bit of crafting.  One of my pupils is having a holiday session on Thursday so I might get the planning and resources done for that.  I have some black cherry jam to make for a dear friend so if I take the fruit out of the freezer this morning I can do it this afternoon.  Small, simple pleasures are what make my life so enjoyable.

Maybe, just maybe, this coming week is the week I get my bedroom tidy.  What do you think?  And miracles might happen if the tomatoes start ripening.  I got a bit desperate yesterday and chucked four little ripe tomatoes (from the shop) on the tomato bed in the hopes that they will send off ripening vibes to show mine what to do!  Fingers crossed.

So, back to normal on the food planning front, this is today's plan.
B:  bran flakes with soft fruit, apple
L:  cold meat and salad, orange
D:  I have a picking of runner beans so I shall pretend they are spaghetti and dollop a portion of bolognaise over them.  I might go lavish and have some grated not-Parmesan on top, just to be wicked!  Then natural yogurt and strawberries.

I took this photo the other day, posted it on Facebook and got plenty of likes from my friends.  So I will leave you with this - home grown runner beans on a home made willow trug!  :-)


  1. Gorgeous! Can't make up my mind whether I prefer the trug or the beans!

  2. You can prefer both, if you want! :-) I do!
    J x