Wednesday 6 July 2016


How wrong can you be?  Yesterday's " dull and overcast and rather gloomy" early morning turned into a gloriously sunny rest of day, not cool, not hot, just perfect for Wimbledon.  Today has started off lovely so fingers crossed it doesn't change its mind later.

Yesterday was busy in places and lazy in others.  I baked my soda bread which, as always nowadays, turned out lovely.  Yogurt is the secret ingredient here; yogurt instead of buttermilk and, because I make my own, yogurt is always on tap here.

Then I pootled off to school to have a fab time with the very youngest of the school family after which I came home and got things ready for my visitor and the cleaner.

I picked Al up from the station and we had a jolly good natter for the rest of the afternoon.  I cooked the fish pie and it was delicious!  Mixed cod and salmon so very simple.

Today we are going to Lathcoats for strawberry picking.  I was hoping there would be plenty of fruit but, because of the teachers' strike yesterday, loads of families visited so there's not so much.  However, their early email suggests it's still worth going so we will.

We talked about what to do/where to go this afternoon.  Hyde Hall?  Ingatestone Hall?  Cressing Temple again?  All very tempting but finally we decided to be totally self indulgent, stay at home and watch the tennis (well, it is the men's quarter finals, isn't it?) and I would make some scones to have with the home made strawberry jam and some clotted cream that somehow accidentally fell into my trolley the other day!  Al was kind enough to call this idea 'idyllic' so there you go!  It does sound nice, doesn't it?

Today's food, therefore is:
B:  bran flakes, sultanas and some fruit
L: (which would normally be dinner)  battered cod, wedges and peas
D:  (tea really)  Cream tea.  Then, later on, some corn on the cob to nibble on if we're hungry.



  1. Can I come? That sounds so much nicer than a day in the office. Especially when you mention clotted cream :-)

  2. You would be very, very welcome! :-)
    J x