Monday 11 July 2016


Pretty fuchsia, overcrowded by the Japanese anemone, so it will have to be moved several inches right but not until after summer.

Good morning, gentle readers.  Monday yet again, and a new week.  The sun has just started to shine and it is, right now, pleasantly cool but will warm up.  The forecast is good and I think I will start the day's action by watering the bits of the garden that need watering regularly.  I forgot to feed the tomatoes so that will have to be done as well.  It's very essential now that the fruit is appearing.

Yesterday morning I popped to Lidl to see if they had bread flour but I really should have checked opening hours because they didn't open until eleven which is a right pain for someone who is generally up and about before seven!  So I came home again and they lost a sale that day because by eleven Sonja had arrived.  She loaded up her car with all the bits and bobs that were still at my house and off she went.

After lunch I settled down to watch Wimbledon and had the thrill of seeing Andy Murray win the men's final.  It's been a good Wimbledon with excitements and thrills and superb tennis, not the least of which has been the wheelchair tennis which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I'm looking forward to that again next year.

Today is the first of our five craft days - Beth will be over after taking Al to school and I am looking forward to it very much indeed.

I have a batch of bread dough rising as I type - one loaf for my customer and one for Beth.  It all makes very much more quickly when the environment is warm.

Something sad - my strawberries are just about over now.  I cut up the last straggled remains for breakfast.  I don't know whether they will send up new fruit but I intend to cut out the larger leaves and to remove all the runners in hopes.  I have no idea whatsoever if that will work but fingers crossed, eh?

Today's food:
B:  yogurt, fruit and granola, apple
L:  egg mayo and salad, fruit
D:  cod in batter, peas, sweet potato wedges, vanilla yogurt

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