Friday 29 July 2016


Is it really Friday already?  Where does the time go?  The first week of the summer holidays is over and done and it's nearly the end of July as well.

It's dark and I  can only tell that it hasn't been raining and it isn't too cold or hot.  I seem to have moved into an early waking spell again - that's three days in a row waking before four o'clock and not being able to nod off again.  Ho hum!

Yesterday was another good day.  The tuition went well and I can see the way forward.  I saw some work books in Aldi, of all places, and I have also ordered some from Amazon so I feel I have the resources needed for now.  It's very odd - I started out saying I would only have the younger children, those who were maybe having difficulties with early reading and writing or with phonics and instead I have older ones.  I'm enjoying it too.  I spent several years of my teaching career as a non-class teacher and SENCo, working with individuals and groups and I did love it.  It meant detailed planning and a fair amount of record keeping which was time consuming but working with individuals can be instantly rewarding and productive.

After my student had gone, I set to with housework and so on.  The ironing is all done and the washing basket is more or less empty.  The living room is tidier and is the kitchen.  Today the cleaners come and work their magic for a couple of hours which is great timing!

Come the evening, we all met up at the Hare and had a really pleasant time together, talking about this, that and the other.  We've arranged a couple of things too.  For a while I have been umming and ahing about getting a ramp for the front door as one of us uses a wheelchair and it would be so lovely to be able to meet here instead of 'out'.  When that's sorted, we can have crafting afternoons together, which everyone thinks would be good fun and which I think would be a good excuse for baking and cooking lunches, etc.

Also, I think I've sorted out someone to help me with my tax returns for a few years.  I haven't needed to fill in a tax return for ages now so am out of practise and, while my affairs are comparatively simple, this year is more complicated than I would like and I will appreciate some help and a bit of teaching!  So that's great.

Today I will continue to tidy up the place, attacking the corners of debris that pile up from time to time.  Then I need to go shopping for the family get together - nothing too complicated but it does need doing.  As one of my visitors will have arrived by this evening, Beth and Al are coming round and I shall get a takeaway which will save time and effort.

So - today's food.
B:  egg muffin
L:  what's in the doggy bag brought home from the Hare last night.  Waste not, want not!
D:  probably take away.
As you can see, not terribly healthy today but never mind, back on track after the do tomorrow will be the name of the game.

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