Friday 1 July 2016

Friday - worthy but boring?

Yesterday in my blog entry I said:
"So today will be worthy but boring"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .

Well, worthy maybe, but it most certainly wasn't boring.  Not for me anyway.

A bit of back story (I think I mentioned it a few weeks ago).  Year sixes are doing a project for history and J who lives over the road chose the 60s as her focus.
She looked at fashion and her mum, A, found an authentic dress pattern from the 60s and some very nice fabric that would do.  Great quality from Rose and Hubble and an absolute bargain.
One problem - A doesn't sew!   So I said I would help.
The fabric only arrived on Wednesday and the project has to be in today!

Yesterday, fortunately, I was going into to town to sort out another bank thing anyway and I popped into the market to get the zip and sylko.  Once home, I washed the fabric and it dried in about thirty minutes on the line in the sun and the breeze.

After school J came round and we set to:  fitting, pinning, cutting, tacking, fitting, stitching . . .
It was a whole lot of fun and, for a Y6 who had never done anything like this, J did brilliantly.  We made it a little looser so that there's room for expansion (sensible at her age) and she didn't want it totally mini so we made it the same length as her school skirt (and still chopped 13cms off the bottom of the pattern - I had forgotten how long they made patterns in those days!).
I was worried about inserting the zip as it's been a very long time since I did anything like that but it worked OK.
J was brilliant.  She had a go at pinning the paper pattern on, cutting out, marking the darts, tacking, machine sewing.  You really can't tell which side seam she did and which is mine.

It took all evening and I finished it off after J went home and took it over to her home.  Everyone is thrilled and J will, we hope, have something really different to show as part of her project.

After a couple of glasses of wine with A, I made a scrunchie to match and put the photos I took (teachers always take photos - it's called 'evidence'!) into a sort of recount, printed it off and popped them through their front door - it was nearly midnight but it was well worth it.

So - definitely worthy but boring?  No chance.

Today Matt the plumber is coming to do plumby things for goodness knows how long.  Expensive but necessary.

And today's food:
I've just realised I forgot to eat yesterday - well, I had breakfast and an apple later on, plus those two glasses of wine but apart from that - ooops.  Not to be recommended.  So today's food will have to be the same as yesterday's as I thawed out the chicken.
B:  yogurt, granola and strawberries/blueberries
L:  chicken, walnut and strawberry salad, apple, strawberries
D:  chicken in a spicy bbq sauce with salad and coleslaw, fruit and yogurt

Oh - and it's raining.  Chucking it down!  Ho hum.


  1. Tou've brought back happy memories of Rose & Hubble. Thank you Jx

  2. Oh, Joan, it was a beautiful piece of fabric, really gorgeous. It was a pleasure to work with. I must see if I can get a photo of the dress but I will take a photo of the fabric and post it.
    J x

  3. I LOLLED at the 'evidence' - it's true!!! But it's also great because of all the evidence I've taken through the years of HLTA with this class, my film show for the y6 leavers has so many awwwwwww factor photos guaranteed not to leave a dry eye in the house!!