Friday 8 July 2016


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Friday.  As hoped, yesterday was another gorgeous day, a two load drying, water the garden twice day.  Today doesn't look nearly so hopeful.  The sky is quite dark, although there's no forecast of rain.

It started by taking Al to the station to catch her train after which Beth came round for coffee and a little chat.  After that it was a quick lunch before going into school to hear readers in Y2.  Tuition came next and then I was out for a meal in the evening.

I had forgotten about the meal out until C reminded me yesterday morning so the mince that was thawing went into the fridge and that's tonight's dinner all sorted and ready.

All in all it was a great day.  It was lovely to see Beth.  We're planning a craft week next week, she and I, and I have blocked off all the time except for the weekly commitments.  We have a number of orders 'in the book' so to speak which we need to get going on and we want to plan the Christmas (sorry) offensive, so to speak!

Tuition went so well.  I do plan these sessions very carefully and make sure all the resources are made and ready but a lot depends on the pupil's response and they can be tired after a long day at school.  Yesterday it all came together and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

As always, C and I went to the Hare.  It's never very busy on a Thursday so service was quick and friendly.  One of the waitresses came up and said 'Are you Mrs Clark?  I was in your class in year 1'.  Well, I looked and looked at her but had to give in - it turned out she was only the daughter of Matt, my plumber.  My goodness, she has changed.  Well, she would, of course, but with some you can see the child in the adult.  I remember her well.  A very bright girl!

Today is going to be a great day.  It's the day J and I go to Cressing Temple for the willow weaving basket making course.  J is going to stop off here and we will do the journey together.  I had a very weird dream about it last night involving being sent for some water, meeting some old pupils on the way and having a chat, getting back to the room and finding that not only had everyone started designing pottery vases, another fifty people had arrived, the room was heaving, the leader refused to tell me what to do and I couldn't get home because I didn't have my car.  Weird!

I have to remember to take some secateurs with me so I hope I can find them in the shed!  I also have to make some packed lunch.  Last time, on the felting course, I decided to have lunch in the cafe and that was a mistake because service was very slow and the lunch break was short so I ended up having a scone, etc, because that was the quickest thing on the menu!  I also need a notepad and a pencil so maybe there's some design involved.  Nothing too creative, I hope, or I will be lost!

It should be a lot of fun and it is nice to be going with a friend this time too.

Today's food:
B:  bran flakes with fruit, apple
L:  tuna salad wrap, pear, strawberries
D:  courgetti bolognaise, fruit salad with yogurt


  1. It's so nice to go to these workshops with a friend, three of us went to a knitting workshop on Saturday at Sussex Prairie Gardens (beautiful place!) and had a lot of fun learning to knit mitred square blankets (no sewing involved, just knitting, which suits me perfectly!)
    Have a great day!

  2. I've just come home from it and it was absolutely brilliant. I so enjoyed it. Quite physical, mind you, and I think my hands and wrists will ache tomorrow!

    J x