Thursday 30 June 2016


Good morning!  No sun, no rain, bit of wind.  Rather a dull day, in fact, but if we have no rain, that will be an improvement.

Yesterday's weather was lovely in the morning and pretty damp later on with dullness in the middle.  The baking went well and nothing failed, thank goodness.  I did wonder if I had made too much at first when there were only eight of us there but others arrived and well over half was eaten, thank goodness.  I transferred the rest onto school plates, covered it all over and left it on the staffroom table for my (ex) colleagues to finish off today.

I facebooked about the bag I made and people were very nice about it.  I now have an order to make a peg bag!

Today I have tuition later on but all is prepared from last week.  The biggie today is sorting out my house which seems to have got itself into rather a state.  Superficial, no doubt, but a mess, all the same.

So today will be worthy but boring, rather like this blog entry!

Today's food:
B:  toasted crumpet with a poached egg, water melon
L:  chicken, walnut and strawberry salad, apple, strawberries
D:  chicken in a spicy bbq sauce with salad and coleslaw, fruit and yogurt

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