Sunday 27 December 2015


Good morning.  Welcome to increasing normality again.  I shall soon be on my own again (fine by me) and, with a pile of leftovers, not just meaty leftovers but nuts, drinks, etc, I'm in heaven!!

After blogging yesterday I went into the kitchen to get things ready for John to take home and while it was out, I sorted out the turkey.  Meaty bones for boiling up, the other breast for slicing and the carcass which got boiled up yesterday morning.  I now have a stack of stock that I have reduced down so it takes up minimal space in the freezer and which will likely be used for the gravy next Christmas, just as this Christmas' gravy was enriched by some freezer stock.  I also have a stack of meat and today I will be making a turkey curry, I think, using the curry sauce recipe from Loving your Leftovers, my favourite book at the moment, or maybe the coronation turkey from Eat Well for Less at Christmas.  Or maybe both, one today and one tomorrow.  Decisions, decisions!

There's several bits and bobs that will be used up at New Year and most of the vegetables got finished off for Boxing Day dinner.  The rest will go in the curry or into a soup.  Sorting out the fridge is on the list of things to do today, as is washing the tea towels, of which we seem to have use a huge number of the past few days.

Anyway, back to yesterday.  It was a quiet morning and I kept wanting to fall asleep but managed to stay awake until after lunch which was another Christmas dinner right down to the Christmas pudding.  Not nearly so much hard work to prepare though!

Tea was even better as Beth did it all - thank you, it was really lovely!

After I have done the bedrooms and apart from the food related stuff, the main activity for today is catching up with all the telly I have missed on iPlayer or the equivalent.  It should be restful as well as entertaining.

How are you spending today?


  1. Shall be visiting Lana again today, our newest, 29 day old family baby!! :-) Looking forward to the cuddles!

  2. Aaaaahhhh - how lovely. Can't think of anything nicer.
    J x

  3. Morning! I've just spent a restful GOOD hour or so in Blogland! You sound like you gave a perfect day ahead! I've left you a Yorkshire pudding comment on my blog!

  4. Morning! Thanks for the comment. I've replied there. :-)
    J x